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Eva Radke

Jun 25, 2020 07:54

Media Production Guidelines for Employers and Employees

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New York State has released film industry-specific guidance for Media Production in preparation for Phase 4 reopening. (Whenever that will be.)

Summary: LINK

"Detailed" Interim COVID-19 Guidance for Media Production LINK

I read both. Even on the "Detailed" Art Department protocol is quite nebulous. So, we're going to have to write our own. I have stated a doc and am going through all the concerns from the Back to Work Survey I posted - will post results soon. Lots to sift through!


I called up a two producers I know who have done some small jobs. Just opinions from two, so grain of salt required.

  1. These particular producers of are of the opinion it is not Art's or a PA job to disinfect props or walkies, etc.
  2. It's a key position (should be on the virtual tech scout, etc.)
  3. COVID protocol is NOT grunt work.
  4. The fear of a lawsuit is real.
  5. They report some Location Managers are sourcing fore and aft "cleaning crews", but that does not cover shared items like hand props from crew to talent to... whom?
  6. Neither thought about that
  7. Both agreed that an on-site, outside crew with their own truck and containment protocols would be a good idea.


PLEASE read the papers in their entirety! I am a flawed human, so educate yourselves.

Anyway, here's a summary that applies to us, kinda.

Responsible Party = The owner or management of the media production business.

Physical Distancing

Further, safety or the core activity (e.g., moving equipment, unloading materials) may require individuals to be within a shorter distance, in which case, individuals must wear an acceptable face covering.

Responsible Parties must ensure that all employees, cast, and crew in close proximity to performers without face coverings (e.g., hair stylists, make-up artists, costume designers, sound technicians, studio teachers, stunt coordinators, special effects technicians) wear both an acceptable face covering and eye protection, such as a face shield or goggles, for the duration of the activity requiring proximity. All employees, cast, and crew should also wear gloves or practice hand hygiene before and after such activities.

Responsible Parties should encourage the use of dedicated work zones within the media production facility or location and establish a system that prevents overlapping departments in the same work space.

Responsible Parties should ensure that all scouting activities take place virtually, where possible.

Workplace Activity

Responsible Parties must take measures to reduce interpersonal contact and congregation, through methods such as:

o adjusting workplace hours

o reducing on-site workforce to accommodate social distancing guidelines

o avoiding multiple crews and/or teams working in one area by staggering scheduled tasks and using signs to indicate occupied areas.

Movement and Commerce

For deliveries, Responsible Parties should implement a touchless delivery system whereby drivers stay in the cab of the vehicle while delivery takes place or, where not practicable, Responsible Parties must provide acceptable PPE appropriate to the anticipated activities that includes, at a minimum, a face covering to personnel involved in the delivery at no cost for the duration of the delivery process.

Responsible Parties must ensure employees sanitize hands before and after transferring a load (e.g., from a delivery driver) of merchandise (e.g., sanitize hands before starting to load items; and once all items have been loaded, finish by sanitizing their hands again).

Responsible Parties must ensure that all props, costumes, and set materials are cleaned and disinfected between each use and stored in sealed containers between uses. ( ed. note....ummmm - elaborate please!)

Responsible Parties must put in place measures to limit the sharing of objects, gear, and equipment (e.g., radios, camera equipment and dollies, stunt pads, wigs, costumes) between individuals and departments

That's what I got ... more as things develop.

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