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Eva Radke

Feb 03, 2018 03:31

Moderator Post: ArtCube Feature: How to curb superfluous emails.

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Greetings Cubers! Getting too many emails that mean nothing to your life? 1. Go to your settings--->notifications---> Tag-only (We have a bit of AI that parses words in posts.) 2. Go to Tags and add every single possible tag that someone might use that applies to you. (caps and "s" do not matter.") For example: You are a Spanish-speaking union carpenter and Art Department Coordinator that owns a fog machine. Tags: Carp, 52, carpenter, Art Department Coordinator, ADC, fog machine, Spanish, make, build, create, can add as many as you like. FUTURE FEATURE: Posts are now categorized into JOBS, STUFF, LIFE, HELP (we will add PROMO) You will be able to opt-out of all of these except HELP. (We are a community after all!) This will also help cut things like set sales, if you're not into buying and selling. 2018 + ArtCubeNation = best ArtCube ever. Just be patient with us and send us your suggestions! Cube!

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