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Natalia Weber

Apr 23, 2018 02:02


New York City Legacy

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Hi Cube - I'm moving this week and desperately want to find new homes for some furniture. Craigslist and other such sites have been a bust. I'm hoping a cubie will give them new life! 1 couch (approx. 6.5ft long x 2ft wide), 1 loveset (approx. 5ft long x 2ft wide) - lush cobalt blue velvet. Good condition, a few tears but nothing obscene. Asking $75 OBO. 1 full size bed frame. Light grey suede with tufted headboard. Excellent condition. $75 OBO. 1 antique steam trunk w/ slight dome-top. Significant wear and tear but that's part of the charm! $50 OBO. Location is Belleville, NJ (about 20 min outside Lincoln Tunnel) on the second floor of an apartment. You would need to bring your own transportation and loading help. I'm super flexible on these prices because I don't want them to go in the trash! If you're super interested I have more photos I can send you privately. Thanks!

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