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Jul 25, 2022 02:30

Platforms and Lumber from a Set To Give

New York City Legacy

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Fxxx x xxxxxxx xxxx, xxxxxx xxxx...Pxxxxxxxx4'x8'4'x8'4'x2'-6"4'x5'-6"Sxx xxxxx xxx xxx 2x4 xxxxxx, xxxxxx 8'-9" xxxxxxxxx xxxx 3'-8" xx 5'-6" xxxxx xxxxxxCxxxxxx WD 48" x HT 41"x DP 30" xxx Cxxxxxx WD 24" x HT 36" x DP 16"Txx xxxxxxx xxxxxRxxxxxxxxx Cxxx Txxxx xxx CxxxxxMxxx xx xxxxxx xx AUGUST 7xx xxx xxxx - xx Lxxxx Mxxxxxxxx.
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