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Feb 01, 2018 10:53

Plywood Shop Shelving (and more) Available

New York City Legacy

Legacy Details

Hey guys, Wrapping a set tomorrow evening at Brooklyn Stages in LIC and I'll have some nice things to find homes for. I'm trying to make back anything I can to stay under budget on this, so make an offer if you're interested in any of it: custom fabricated shelving made from birch ply. breaks down into two 5ft wide X 10 ft tall sections and two 6ft wide X 3ft sections. attached photo was taken before we attached any of the trim but you get the idea. four uncut 4x10ft sheets of birch ply 1 platform @ 2.5ft tall X 2ft deep X 6ft wide 1 platform @ ~1ft tall X 4ft deep X 4ft wide lots of unused medium sized cardboard boxes 12ft X 35ft lightly used light wood linoleum flooring (photo attached) one box of fresh pine branches

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