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May 10, 2018 11:22

PROP ARTIST & HMU ARTIST needed for May 19 & 20

New York City Job

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Hx xxx, 1) Wx'xx xxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxx-xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx x xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx x xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx, Mxx 19 & 20. Txx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xx x 10-12 xxxx xxx: -Sxxxx xxxx (xxxx xx x 10 xx xxxx) -Hxxx xxxxx/xxxx xxxxxx -Lxxxx xxxxx -2 xxxx xx xxxxx (xxx & xxxx) -Cxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx -Lxxxx xxxxx xxxxx -Wxxxx "Gxxxxx" & "Fxxxx" xxxxxxx xxx xx xxxx xxxxxxx (xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxx xx EXPERT xxx xxxx xxxx xx) -Rxxxxx xxxxxx 2) Wx xxx xxxxxxx xxx x HMU Axxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx 10 xxxx/4 xxxxxx. Txx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx, xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx x xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx. Txxx xx x xxx-xxxxx xxxxx. Pxxxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx I xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx. Rxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx. Txxxx xxx! Dxxxx

One Response

  1. Hi, my name is Frances Bromley. I’ve been a makeup artist for 6 years.
    Obviously this job passed but I wanted to reach out with my website and resume.
    email: * Join to View *

    I specialize in soft glam, airbrush body paint and SFX
    in case you ever need anyone in the future and feel like we align please reach out!

    Hope to hear from you soon

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