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Callen Golden

May 21, 2020 12:40

Random text and email from Romis Film Group ….Scam?

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Hello Cubers,

I've received both a text and an email from a Romis Film Group company that seemed to be hiring once the pandemic restrictions lifted. The text seemed legit enough, but when I received the email, this is what they wrote:

Job Type: Part-Time, Temporary

Wage:  $3,000

Additional Compensation: Bonuses,Other Forms

Company:  Romis Film Group



Thank you for your swift response.


Production Title

 It’s a feature film titled “Ever Rising”, I have the script attached.


Production Date:

The Production date will be stipulated immediately the economy reopens.


Production Location:

Locations will be stipulated by the location manager before the production commences.


Essential Responsibilities:

1) Set Decorator

2) Assisting with the booking of production utilities within your locality (Pre-Production Schedule).



Romis Film Group is a Hungary based production company presently in the United States to produce series of short movies.

Due to my past experience in the recruitment process, we received disappointing and incompetent applicants. We have decided to place subsequent applicants on a literal trial period before confirmation. I do not want to make the same mistake.

I have decided to offer you a probationary offer (trial period). Here I want to see how exceptional, efficient and on time you will be. You will perform a basic task for me during this coming week, which are part of the basic duties you will be performing before the project commences. I will be setting up a meeting with you prior to the production start date if I am impressed.



Your wage for the trial period will be $1,050 and full weekly payment and bonuses for the upcoming projects will be discussed during an interview. I’m sure this all works for you. I will take all the necessary steps and have my financial advisor have your payment mailed to you to proceed with all necessary production engagements. The probationary period runs for a day.


To sign up for this, kindly provide the details below:

Full Name:



State and Zip:

Phone Number:

Best time to reach you:


I've never seen a "trial period" for a film before, so it raised a few red flags. I looked up their company and I can follow it for a little bit but nothing seems to be substantial in terms of film or project references.

Please advise, or let me know if anyone else has gotten something weird like this, trying to take advantage of our desire to quickly get back to work!

Thanks Cubers! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy (and somewhat sane)

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