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Peter Lokken

Mar 26, 2021 01:56

Red Hook Shop

New York City Space

Space Details


Shared studio/shop space.  Red Hook waterfront.

≈1800 sq ft. lofted space in an antique of a building.  

1st floor accommodates mixed media, wood and metal spaces. 

2nd floor consists of shared space as well as personal studio areas.  Many large windows facing the estuary, with a ton of natural light.  

Renting reqs

We are looking for one tenant who want to use both the upstairs personal studio (≈ 64 sq ft. per person, + a shared central area ≈ 375 sq ft.) and downstairs shop space (900 sq ft shared shop), for $800/month, starting April 1st.

About us:

We all work in various media, so we accommodate everything from paper making and stone carving to casting, metal and woodworking.  The main spaces are set up for wood and metal, but we have a large area dedicated to mixed media as well.  We’re attached to a large glass studio with whom we share a bathroom and kitchen and are looking for tenants who are respectful of our awesome neighbors.  We have a good deal of storage which will be divided equally among tenants. There is free parking in attached lot and we’re adjacent to Food Bazaar.  We hope to find tenants who will be comfortable sharing space, and who will contribute to and be part of our growing cohort.  

The downstairs portion of the shop includes use of the following:


  • Hybrid table saw
  • Miter saw 
  • Bandsaw
  • Thickness planer
  • Routers, jigsaws, belt sander, plus other hand power tools
  • Router table
  • Air powered nail, brad, pin, staple guns
  • Steamer boxes

Anything that needs sharpening (chisels, planes, etc.) are for personal use, not shared.

Metal Shop:

  • Horizontal bandsaw
  • MIG welder
  • Magnet drillpress
  • Slip roller
  • General power hand tools (grinder, etc)

Our Shop:

  • 24/7 access
  • Slop sink
  • Private, ground-floor, double-door entrance
  • Concrete floors on 1st, plywood on 2nd
  • Huge windows with unbeatable views of ocean, statue of liberty, boats, birds.  
  • Very quiet and peaceful environment

Larger Shop and Building:

  • Free parking
  • Security guard
  • Small kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Mailroom
  • Building is populated with fab shops, furniture design companies, artists, artisans and architects.

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