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Jun 05, 2020 03:46

Room in Beautiful apartment of Artists for rent – Williamsburg

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Hi Cubers,

Passing this on for Artist friends. With a lot of people leaving the city and it being hard enough to pay rent figured I’d reach out to such a great community as Art Cube for insight. These friends are looking for great person to move in to their beautiful art filled apartment. Ideal for artist/craft person who wants to use their home as a studio as well.



Please contact Maíra at : [email protected] / 917 294 5198

Our apartment is on Powers st, by the Grand L train station, two blocks away from Cooper Park and we have lots of restaurants/bars, laundry, grocery stores, 99 cents stores etc etc etc (hopefully life will be back soon). 

The room itself is very cute, with a beautiful morning sunshine. The street is very quiet and we have a community garden just beside our place — if you want to volunteer. 🙂 We also have a City Bike station literally just outside our door. The building has only 4 apartments and we all keep our business to ourselves.  

We also have a very shy ginger cat named Silky. He mostly stays under my bed, rarely goes out to explore the house but definitely keeps the mouses away ! 

The apartment has a total of 3 rooms/ 1 bathroom/ kitchen & a big living room. 

Me and my roommate Maíra, we are both teachers and artists. We are currently using the living room as a home office/studio space and you are more than welcome to use the space to work also. We like to leave the house clean and we care a lot about the apartment – we are looking for someone that would do the same. 

Please forward to anyone you know that might be interested!

Thanks a lot!!!

Julia and Maíra

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