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Eva Radke

Jan 08, 2023 03:37

RSVP! ArtCube’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party 1/22!

New York City Promo

Promo Details

It's hard to believe!

In researching for the 4.0 blog (beta is so close), and the origins of the OGG Cube Slap (you'll hear the tale at the open mic) I realized we had an exceptional anniversary on the horizon!

You know what that means...


Sunday, January 22nd

7 pm - Doors

8 pm - Cube Tales - open mic

11 pm - Tail lights

Gemini + Scorpio Loft

267 Douglass St

3rd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11217

  • Open to all Art Department folx
  • RSVP required
  • Cash Bar
  • Bring someone or something SWEET!
  • The OGG Cubers (original Google Group) will take a trip down memory lane.

At the Cube Tales Open Mic, you'll hear from the founder of ArtCube, (me), and the owner of Gemini + Scorpio Loft about how they met dumpster diving Men in Black 3. A lasting friendship and vision still endures.

Then the mic will OPEN to hear YOUR Cube Tales. Cube Tales I've heard like:

  • the last-minute miracles
  • crazy coincidences
  • love connections
  • career propulsion
  • all the perfect finds #notinadunpster, etc.


As a HUGE Bday present,  #gsloft is donating their NEW 5,000 sq space and all the Prop and Party Rentals. WOW! The loft is full of years of salvaging set dressing from Cube and Film Biz Recycling. It's amazing. It's US!

Hope to see YOU!


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