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Jun 14, 2020 12:58

~Seeking to share a big sunny studio in Red Hook, illustrator or tattoo artist preferred, 333/ month~

New York City Space

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Okay so myself and my studio partner are both ladies our late 20s. We are both tattoo artists and illustrators and share a huge sunny studio in Red Hook. We are looking for a third person to join us since there is plenty of room. My studio partner is away for several months but still paying rent so really you would just be sharing with me for a while.

I am not really tattooing right now except on close friends because of the pandemic, and always write appointments on the calendar so there would be no surprises there :) usually I am just working on paintings and illustrations at my desk.

You will have your own corner of the studio with shelves, and share two large communal tables that we keep empty so we can all use them. The space includes a kitchen and bathroom in the common area. There is a wood shop downstairs and people often work on mo-peds and bicycles downstairs. So if you’re someone who likes the opportunity to have other artists around to talk to when you want to, but be able to escape from the social life and close the door behind you so you can be in your space and get work done, it is pretty perfect. At the most I am usually there from around 12-8pm.

So the whole big studio is 1100/ month, and once we find you (our third person), it would only be 333 each! I have some things I don’t mind sharing like a big paper cutter, a printer, some bucket paint. We are pretty communal but of course respect personal space. 24 hour access with a keypad street entry. If you think you’d be a good fit let us know!

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