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Jul 27, 2023 01:34

Seeking welder/fabricator for Bike seat modification

New York City Job

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Artist + Maker
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$ 30.00/HOUR
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Looking to modify a bike cargo rack to be accomodate a Thule Child seat.

According to a dedicated Facebook group, the scope of work is as follows.

“3/4″ Steel tubing, it could be steel, aluminum. you could use conduit, pipe or dowel rod.  Scrap pieces of steel brackets, can be anything as long as it does not flex. These will be used by the cross members.

Eight #10-24 1 1/4″ screws, eight #10-24 nylon capture nuts and eight #10 washers. I use stainless steel so they would not rust.

Cut the tubing to fit inside the rack long ways. Cut the bracket to get two cross members that are the width of the rack ( outside dimension)

Drill holes for #10 screws in the tubing, and the rack at each end. Drill #10 hole in the cross members so they line up with the time and rack holes. Screw it all together. I shaped the ends of the tubes to fit around the rack tube but I don’t think this is necessary.”

The rack is detachable to work with as needed.

I have no idea how long something like this would take, so let me know pricing and we can go from there. Based in Brooklyn, but can travel if necessary. Would love to get this done asap. Thanks so much! Julie 

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