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Yaroslaw Molinsky

May 07, 2018 01:18

Selling Office Furniture!

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Hello Cube! In Addition to the smalls in my previous post, we are selling larger pieces from our office set as well! Wrapping this Friday We have: A large multiperson desk setup, can comfortably fit 8 workstations $900 (1800 originally) 2 Large file cabinets 5'6.5"H x 3'W x 1'7.25" D $200 each or $350 for both Sheets of Cork Board that can be mounted on walls, 4'H x 3/8" D by varying Widths (price varies) 20 Office Phones (working!) available in bulk or individually $200 Prices are negotiable to a point, email me at * Join to View * or text/call at (301) 518 9008 with inquiries, questions, etc. Thanks!
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