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Sep 07, 2018 02:21

Selling Set of 8 Vintage Military Bunk Beds

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Hi Cube!

I am working on a film shoot and our set decorator had to buy 8 sets of bunk beds to dress a shelter scene. We are wrapping this set on Tuesday 9/11 and are looking to sell them.

The bunk beds are U.S. Military issued vintage and were purchased at a military supply store in PA. They are 16 separate beds linked into bunks by connectors so they can be used either as bunks or individual beds. Connected into bunk beds, it is 60″ from the floor to the top mattress and 73″ from floor to the top of the poles. We purchased 6 new ladders separately. The beds are vintage and naturally aged with rust spots and wear.

Our total cost was about $3000 and we would love to make back $2000 or so, but are totally willing to negotiate. Our truck will be on with us on Tuesday and we could schedule a delivery to you if you would like them.

Have offered these to a few prop houses including State Supply and Eclectic, but no bites. Would love to hear your ideas if you can think of a specialty prop house that might be interested!

Thank you!

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