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Feb 19, 2021 04:12

Set Wall & Ceiling Flats for donation to community orgs/ schools or projects

New York City Legacy

Legacy Details

Wrapping a project in NYC & we are trying to not dumpster anything. 1st batch of items available:

8 that are 4’ x 4’

9 that are 6’4 x 3’8

16 that are 4’4 x 4’8’

Additional stacks of roughly 5 x 5 (working on getting more count and dimension details)

I've exhausted my 1st round of potential donation partners - Big Reuse, Materials for the Arts, Habitat ReStores.

PLS let me know if you have any other non-profit, schools, or community groups that might be able to make use of these. OR secondarily an individual or project. We could potentially transport next week to takers. Thanks!

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