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Lauren Cunningham

Mar 20, 2020 02:40

Social Work Agencies looking for Gloves & Masks too!

New York City Off-Topic

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Hi all!

A friend of mine works as a social worker in NYC and reached out to ask if my production had any supplies to donate. Many social workers are on the ground working with people who are homeless and otherwise in need, and also have limited supplies in this crazy situation.

Of course a lot of people are thinking of healthcare workers in need in this time, we wanted to make sure we gave a voice to the social workers who are also out in the field and on the front line. We decided to start a google doc directory with Social Work Agencies who are looking for supplies.

That directory can be found here. More info and agencies will be added as we hear back.

We would hugely hugely appreciate it if they could be included in your donations. SW agencies are often ignored and underfunded, but they’re also taking care of people and keeping the city going right now.  

Thanks so much for coming together in this time!  

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