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Shannon Finnerty

Mar 20, 2018 10:16

The Americans Final Free Fest in a Blizzard! 479 Degraw starting at 9am

New York City Legacy

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Hey Cubers, Thanks so much for giving so many things happy homes!! But we have unloaded even more smalls. So much tchotchke that it makes my brain want to explode! And I finally sorted through the lamps so you can come and get some lighting! We have boxes and boxes and boxes of books!! There are desks, some book shelves, loads of soft goods and more. Come early starting at 9am because who knows what will happen with this crazy weather! But as long as it does not get too bad we will be here until 5. So get a truck, van or snow blower, but get here and give these sweet 80s goodies a happy home! Thanks! See
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