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Catharine Connell

Aug 01, 2021 11:58

Three Freestanding Oval Office Windows – Need New Home Wednesday PM or Thursday

New York City Legacy

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Hi Cube!

Trying to get ahead – we are wrapping a set this Wednesday evening in Westchester area and will most likely be looking for a home for three windows that are modeled after the ones in the oval office. Height is 10′: base 1′ + Window 9′ ; Width approx 4′. They are solid and super well made.

I would hate to see them get dumped!

Let me know if you are interested – we could arrange a handoff Wednesday or Thursday (preferable) delivery possible if in the right spot (Westchester on south to North Brooklyn) Anything else, we can discuss!

email: [email protected] or text 312-479-7966

Thanks Cube!

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