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Eva Radke

Apr 08, 2020 05:42

UPDATE: ArtCube Army is getting it done.

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Hello Cubers!

First off, thank you all.

I see the names of donors in the fundraiser feed and I have been humbled by the support from ArtCube members. I know it’s a scary time to spend. I firmly believe the sooner we get this pandemic under control, the sooner we can think about resuming normal life.

What you can do to help:

What’s been accomplished and how it’s working.

  • We’ve been the stopgap for the sluggish supply chain with small-batch, quick-turnaround shield and mask delivery to over 19 hospitals and growing, EMT workers and elder care facilities.
  • 50 shields TODAY is much more effective that 5,000 in 3-4 weeks. Ask a virologist. We soldier on with this model until big producers actually get the product to market.
  • We’ve “adopted” Downstate Hospital and helped them in their daunting transition to an all-Covid hospital.
  • We delivered 5 rolls of Marine vinyl so they could build “walls” around ICU patients and still allow doctors to see and interact with patients.
  • We have had Cuber donations of gloves and N95 masks delivered directly to MDs. Need more – can pick up unopened.
  • We have purchased safety goggles (yay Carolina Biological Supply), surgical gowns and IV tube extenders from the GoFundMe.
  • Brower Propulsion Lab is building intubation shields for them (see photo or our IG)

ArtCube Army Partners and Rock Stars

  • Cat Navarro – lead the first round of shields, masks going out. SO many Cubers involved! Over 1500 shields and countless masks. Incrdible!
  • James Bednark, Art Director of Ray Donovan, knower of just about everything and invaluable to ArtCube Army booting production.
  • Brower Propulsion Lab Lept right in, so innovative, so good.
  • The Saturday Night Live ArtDepartment – Danielle Webb and Andrea Purcigliotti are killing it.
  • FEEL – PAs, PMs and Producer-run logistics and deliveries. We’d be sunk without them!
  • Shields for Heroes – provided a whopping 30 rolls of 20 gauge marine vinyl and we have shared that material with other operations to make shields like ArtFX23 and Quantum Visual Imaging.
  • de Boer Media – with their drag knife, we can cut the vinyl into a shield in under 30 seconds (video)
  • Konduit for their webbing cutter, so we can accurately cut our 1000′ yards of our (precious) elastic so we can make shield kits much faster and helping us fundraise!
  • ArtFX23 3D printing shields fames and taking names!

Our entire industry has been kicking major butt.

You might also enjoy this podcast where I’m interviewed to hear more details of what we are accomplishing.

Thanks for sticking with us, staying home and being the MOST AMAZING community EVER!


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