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Eva Radke

May 22, 2020 08:52

Update: Navajo Nation delivered + End of the fundraiser + NYPA election.

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Hello Cube,


Fellow Cuber, Nicky Watts, made it to Navajo Nation Tuesday and dropped off shields, bleach, disinfectant water and slew of other supplies! She has already loaded up the van for drop #2. Pic attached.

We dusted off our YouTube Channel to document her journey (and our Zooms).


GoFundMe fatigue is real. Volunteer fatigue is real. Time to move on to a NEW MODEL.

13,940 face shields went out to 163 organizations and NYC has, for the moment, stabilized.

Cat Navarro’s 2,500 shield sprint in the first three weeks is the most important metric of all. Why? It was EARLY. While the world was waiting and waiting for fabricators with huge contracts to get their product to market, Cat and her squad got shields out as soon as possible, for free and delivered. We can estimate in that time, 97,655 cases of COVID were possibly prevented very early in the pandemic, using the accepted, current COVID reproductive rate of 2.5 and serial interval of 4 days.

We’ll never know exactly what could or would have been, but the surgeons, ER doctors, nurses, EMT drivers told us straight up, the ArtCube Army was essential. I believe them.


I was elected to the Board of NYPA and I begin my term in July. I will be there to help steer our industry forward with small businesses, crew and sustainability being my top priority.

Membership is still free for individuals and businesses.

Here are the people with whom I will serve. Many of whom I have had dealings with when Film Biz Recycling was seeking support, and you know who that worked out, so the first meeting should be interesting.

  • Alexis Alexanian (Entertainment Partners)  
  • Anne Hubbell (Kodak) 
  • Richard Ippolito (RiverBridge Studios)  
  • Mike Jackman (FilmNation)
  • Richardo R. Lopes – “Rick” (Individual Member) 
  • Zoe Match Suna (Silvercup Studios)
  • Flo Mitchell-Brown (Individual Member)
  • Otto Porrazzo (Reiff & Associates)
  • John Williams (ReelWorks)
  • Kevin Fitze (City National Bank)
  • Thea Kerman (Individual Member)
  • Rudy Callegari (Edge Auto Rental) 
  • Barbara DeFina (Individual Member)
  • Anthony Fong (Broadway Stages),
  • Anne Johnshon (Individual Member)
  • Pat Swinney Kaufman (Individual Member)
  • Cynthia Lopez (NYWIFT)
  • Kristin Wilcha (AICP)
  • Carl Zucker (The TEAM Companies) 
  • Eva Radke (ArtCube Nation)

Wish me luck.

Sending love to you all,


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