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Eva Radke

Apr 29, 2020 03:25

Update on ArtCube Army: new website, new partnerships, looking forward…

New York City Off-Topic

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Good morning Cube,

Wishing you well, healthy and resilient.

It’s been pretty hectic! I owe you all a major update.


We built ArtCube Army website so everything is in one place.

  • order PPE (shields, masks and intubation shields) all free and delivered.
  • PPE specs + instructions
  • donate/volunteer/blog
  • calendar of our on-line events (yoga, zoom meetings, etc.)
  • partners + army page – so many more to add! (Work in progress!)


Art Makes Masks Lead by Cubers Lisa Mastroianni, Justin Cox and Rozz Therrien

  • Home-sewn face masks

52 Builds Lead by Carpenter, Bret Lehne

  • Intubation shields

West Coast Army lead by Sacramento Cuber Anna Belle Supit.

  • Face Shields


  • Almost 7,500 shields have gone out to date. Monday we send out, 1300 more!
  • A nurse wrote, “Thanks for providing masks when our hospital could not.”
  • Requests for PPE has not slowed down despite reports of the VERY few fabricators that have received contracts from the city to build 100’s of thousands of face shields.
  • Where are they? WHY are we getting orders for 4,000 shields from Woodhull this week?
  • We are doing everything we can to secure a contract for fabricators that are standing by ready to produce so we can hire makers. It’s puzzling to say the very candy-coated least.
  • Press We were interviewed by Fortune Magazine. The irony.


  • NYPA and The Mayor’s Office are preparing a pathway to return to work. I have no details yet on what that looks like besides the Variety Magazine article.

  • I am running for a board seat on NYPA to represent small and micro businesses. The current membership of businesses are big studios, banks, a few prop houses, big gear rentals. Small/micro businesses are shockingly under represented and I would bet the farm not even considered in decisions.

  • IF you have are an entrepreneur or a small business join NYPA now. They waived their membership fee. I am all done with the big stages think they run this town. NOTHING without us.

That’s the latest.

See you in yoga on Sunday

Cube forever,


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