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Eva Radke

Mar 04, 2020 08:32

What yesterday’s survey is already telling us…

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Hey there,

Thanks to all those who replied!

Top 3 features ArtCubers would find useful.

  • 45.2% want a separate page for items for sale. (Wow!)
  • 19.4% want a niche crew search.
  • 12.9% want a bid request form

We hear you and agree. Of course, the most popular is the most complicated to build, so we have some work ahead of us!

Remember, you can OPT OUT of post categories in your settings.

The #1 most annoying thing to Cubers is people posting without doing homework.

Cuber Quotes from the survey:

  • Repeat posts are pretty frustrating – especially when followed up with a post that could be neatly combined into a single post.
  • Also, as always, people who don’t do their homework
  • Items sold individually or without pictures is unhelpful.


  • Combine your STUFF to one post and details, details, details and pics!
  • Once is enough.
  • Do your homework, make that known. Where have you looked?
  • Use your notification settings to curb posts you don’t want in your in-box.

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