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Yaroslaw Molinsky

Mar 27, 2018 03:50

Where Are The Best Places To Donate in NYC?

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Hello Cube! This is slightly off-topic, but relevant to the cube-collective expertise: A close friend of mine has recently been left with the responsibility of selling off and/or donating the contents of her grandmother's apartment to pay for hospice care. I recommended to her the donation centers I knew about that would pick up (Habitat for Humanity, Housing Works) as well as places she could sell individual pieces (Chairish) fairly easily, but hoping to poll the cube on further options, particularly any organizations who would accept wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and other mobility devices. Apparently, there is a lot of that type of stuff that would probably be useful to the right people. She doesn't have a vehicle, so any recommendations would need to do pick ups, or be very local in Manhattan. Sorry for the off-topic post- I was thinking it would be good to have a centralized list of the best NYC donation centers and their rules and restrictions somewhere up on the cube.

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