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Good evening cubers,   Looking for 2 more guys to do some light demo and load up a truck on Thursday.   Potential work on Friday of building some furniture pieces […]

Looking for fabricator. Material flexible

Hi, I’m looking for someone to fabricate this Facebook logo. The dimensions would be roughly 3 foot wide by 4 foot tall by half a foot deep. Could be smaller […]

Atlanta Automotive Parts Photographer

*Posting for a friend   Looking for a full-time photographer for a car parts company to primarily work on still product shots and other in-house creative needs.  I will […]

Seeking Fabricator to Create Snow/Ice Effects

Hello there! We are in search of a skilled fabricator to join our team for an upcoming shoot on august 10th. The concept involves capturing products against icy/snowy backdrops, with […]

Wallpaper Applicator

I am currently working on an apartment interior, and we want to apply wallpaper to two rooms. In the living room, we intend to cover all four walls with wallpaper, […]

Seeking a Carp w tools

Looking for a Local Carp with a kit to help me and my team build a bunch of Flats and create faux Soem rooms. 

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