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Antique French Letter Fabrication

Hello! My name is Grace Philips and I’m the writer/director of a short film that’s in the final stages of post-production. (I know it’s weird to need a prop at this phase, but I promise it makes sense.) The film revolves around the restoration of a painting from the 1880s and the letter I need […]

Help setting up vacuum press

Hello Cube I recently bought a really nice vacuums press but I need help setting it up for the first time and I’m hoping someone on the Cube has experience with these machines or similar. Please let me know if this could be you. Machine specs: Hi-Flo Industrial VacuPress® Pump Features: 3/4 HP self-adjusting oil-less […]

ISO Prop Master / Prop Stylist with Xmas Tree Experience

Hey Cube! I’m in search of a great prop master or prop stylist based in LA with Xmas Tree Experience, to bring out to Salt Lake City Utah to focus solely on styling our Xmas Tree for a commercial for Balsam Hill. The story involved one hero tree in a work shop, and one hero […]

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