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Art DeParty Hosted by Razor Productions 🎉

Savor some wine and local bites while you tour the studio for a Stop-Motion Demo, Dragonframe lesson, and Upcycled Armature + Minature Crafting at Razor Productions...

Apr 10, 2023 02:48
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The Sharing Economy in the Arts: Eva Radke, founder of ArtCube Nation

Join the NYC Fair Trade Coalition for an evening of community, sustainability, and the sharing economy. Hear from guest speaker Eva Radke about ArtCube Nation's efforts to reduce waste in the TV and film industry. Learn ...

Apr 05, 2023 08:17
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What’s new in ArtCube Nation 4.0

Introducing ArtCube 4.0! Our mission and core values remain unchanged as we connect the industry dots to match wraps-to-preps, crews-to-keys, and haves-to-needs. Here are three must-knows: private info is pixelated, comp...

Jan 12, 2023 10:28
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