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Advice creating fake mortar/concrete

I’m working on a project that involves the actors doing a lot of “tiling” on camera including laying down mortar. Wondering if anyone has any experience on what can be […]

Rope + Stanchions

Hey Cube – Working on an activation and need to source a bunch of rope+stanchion for both art dept. and crowd control. Does anyone have a good vendor that rents […]

Fexible foam coating question

Would a primer help? if so what kind? When I tried plasti- dip it soaked in a bunch… and didn’t seem cost effective. It’s off gassing was also noxious for […]

Moving company, man with a van

Content to move: Theatrical model boxes, some materials  and tools to build them (card, papier-mâché, foam core,cutting Matts,  Folders, files, books, several small cabinets and shelving. 6 small plastic storage […]

ISO: Stunt Weapons/Rubber Knives and Swords

Hey Cube, I’m looking for a rental or fabrication company in the NYC area (NJ/Philly/upstate are fine too) that would carry or be able to fabricate realistic rubber knives and […]

Vinyl Wrapping Vendor Recs

I’m looking to have several vehicles (including trucks, SUVs, motorbikes, ATVs) wrapped in vinyl for a photoshoot in a couple of weeks. The kind of wrap that comes off easily. […]

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