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ISO 4 large Faux or Real Rocks !!!

Hello!  In desperate need of for large Rocks that i can paint/modify. Can buy/rent!!  If you happen to have some Pre-Made in your storage collecting dust please let me take them off your hands? I am a bit desperate….Please Text me images and THANK YOU!!!!917 680 5908

Large Faux or REAL ROCKS

Hello! I need of  4x LARGE rocks. Does anyone have any dusty rocks avail? I can rent/buy. Need next week.  PLEASE text me images. Thank you 😉 917-680-5908

Overhead projector

Looking for an overhead projector & AV cart – anyone know of schools or companies that might be giving these away?

ISO Mannequins

Hello! My name is Sheherzad Raza Preisler, and I’m looking for a few mannequins to be used in a music video shoot over June 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Just the torsos are fine, and they will be returned unscathed once the shoot is over! If you have any my crew could use, please email me […]

Looking for used pieces of plexi

Hello! I’m wondering if anyone is looking to get rid of some larger pieces of plexiglass, around 36×24” or larger. Can be beat up. thank you!  

ISO Mirror Plexi

Helloo! I’m looking for 1 sheet of mirror plexi, preferably a full 4×8 but willing to work with anything close to that! Working with a low budget and trying to avoid buying full price. Can pick up. Feel free to email me [email protected] if you’ve got something and I don’t see your comment! 

ISO modern studio pedestal camera for rent

Hello! Looking to rent a modern studio pedestal camera – non-working is fine – for a shoot next week. If anyone has any leads on where I might rent this , would be so appreciated. Thanks lots! K

Glass Round Bottom Boiling Flask // Medical or Laboratory Supply Store

Hi, we are mid-Frieze and the 1000ml round bottom boiling flask with side tube for distilling broke. It is an integral part of the exhibition and I need a new, functional one ASAP. It’s 11” tall and the condenser output tube is apps 13cm ø NEEDED NOW so don’t have time to order. NEEDS to […]

ISO specific cut of ply

Hi cube –  I am looking for a specific cut of higher-end ply – 45.75″ across and 26″ high. Does anyone have something laying around their shop or access to a nice piece of high-quality ply (I’m open to various species/thicknesses, but this needs to be more furniture-grade) that they could cut to size? I […]

ISO Cleared Art

Hello All, Doing a shoot next week and looking for some cleared artwork to as color splashes and shapes in the background.  Ideally looking for things with color. The budget is tight. Hoping to rent or buy for reasonable prices. If you have anything, please email me at [email protected] Thanks, Sarah

small smooth landscaping rocks

If anyone has a spare excess of smooth rocks/stone – about the size of an adult’s palm. Enough to cover 3 square feet. For a community Art/photography project. Need before mother’s day. Will pick up!! Preference for Brooklyn or 5 boros.    pls email at [email protected]

ISO iridescent fabrics

Searching for any bolts of iridescent fabrics, can be opaque or transparent (chiffon, organza, etc.) thank you!!☺️ 

ISO dark wood paneling

Hey folks– looking for that classic/retro dark wood paneling. HD and Lowes only stocking the light wood options these days… anyone know where to find the mid/dark wood tone?  Only need 3-4 sheets, if someone has lying around… Here’s a ref pic: Thanks cube! Anna.

Seeking Flats (6-8)

Seeking Flats with jacks for a shoot next week, free or cheap would be ideal as budget is small. Can pick up

white mugs/ clear vases

Hello! I am in search of clear vases/ carafes and so many white mugs- any plain white mugs for a multidisciplinary show I am propping. If anyone is looking to donate/ sell please reach out!

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