Looking for a Spaceship Set

Hi Everyone, I’m posting to see if anyone has or knows of anyone who has an existing spaceship or airplane cockpit set. Or if anyone has a large quantity of […]

ISO – Deer Carcass

Looking for a full body deer carcass. Could look like it was hit by a car but not required.

Short Film—Craft Request

Hello, I’m shooting a short film and I’m looking for any type of fake bird of prey. So like a fake eagle taxidermy or a fake falcon. There is a […]

Prop houses, Prop vendors

Doing a general search for prop vendors in the Connecticut area. Anyone from antique sellers to full  prop houses. I know there’s a lot of smaller businesses so I’m just […]

ISO Ball Pit Balls

Need an insane amount of ball pit balls for a show I’m working on – anyone know of a place that somehow has like 5,000 or more of them lyin […]