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Filming a CCTV Feed

Jan 07, 2023 05:48
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Filming a CCTV Feed


“For a film scene I’m designing, the Director of Photography wants to film an extended sequence on CCTV feeds.
They expressed worry about the flickering/banding that might happen on the screens. Reference image below.?
Is there special equipment needed?”


“This can be avoided by setting the shutter speed appropriately on the camera.
Thr Camera Dept should know how to do this.”


“This is the job of an A/V Tech, but if no A/V is on set then the Camera Department should be able to navigate it.
Hooking up TVs shouldn’t be falling on your shoulders as the designer.”

Welp, apparently not Art Department’s job, but it’s good to understand these things!  

We’ll catch up with an  VTR pro we know to get some tips!


Contact admin to get added to our list of AV experts or leave a reply with a answer!

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