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Feb 20, 2023 04:13
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Q: Any suggestions as to where I can find (or how to make) a non-toxic, opaque black goop or slime?
I need about 500 gallons for an installation I’m working on and it involves three people submerging themselves in the “tar” like liquid.

I’ve looked into non-toxic tempera paint, making a mixture of cornstarch, water, and activated charcoal, and pure pigments (most of which I’ve found are extremely toxic).
A: I’ve had good results with Sodium Alginate

It’s a seaweed-based thickener, that’s also dyeable with food coloring or thinned-out acrylic paint.

You’ll need to use an electric mixer and hot water to get it really dissolved, but it’s food-safe, not very sticky, and safe to put down a drain.

You can get it at most food supply places or through Dharma Trading Co.!

They’re located in NorCal, and can ship rather quickly if you call them.

A: You should contact Blair Adhesives

From their website: 
Slime, Mud, Blood, Oil.

Blair Adhesive Products can match or engineer any kind of water-based effect material.

Our labs replicate the viscosity (thickness), color and texture per desired specification. 

Your custom “Studio Paste” can be ramped up to full-scale production with quantities ranging from one gallon to tens of thousands of gallons. 

All studio paste is safe for human contact and immersion. 

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