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Feb 20, 2023 04:13
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How to make non-toxic prop slime and goop
Q: Any suggestions as to where I can find (or how to make) a non-toxic, opaque black goop or slime?
I need about 500 gallons for an installation I’m working on and it involves three people submerging themselves in the “tar” like liquid.

I’ve looked into non-toxic tempera paint, making a mixture of cornstarch, water, and activated charcoal, and pure pigments (most of which I’ve found are extremely toxic).
How to make non-toxic prop slime and goop
A: I’ve had good results with Sodium Alginate

It’s a seaweed-based thickener, that’s also dyeable with food coloring or thinned-out acrylic paint.

You’ll need to use an electric mixer and hot water to get it really dissolved, but it’s food-safe, not very sticky, and safe to put down a drain.

You can get it at most food supply places or through Dharma Trading Co.!

They’re located in NorCal, and can ship rather quickly if you call them.

How to make non-toxic prop slime and goop
A: You should contact Blair Adhesives

From their website: 
Slime, Mud, Blood, Oil.

Blair Adhesive Products can match or engineer any kind of water-based effect material.

Our labs replicate the viscosity (thickness), color and texture per desired specification. 

Your custom “Studio Paste” can be ramped up to full-scale production with quantities ranging from one gallon to tens of thousands of gallons. 

All studio paste is safe for human contact and immersion. 

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