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Hello ArtCube 4.0!!! Weekend SHUT DOWN, Monday NEW CUBE!

ArtCube Nation will be shutdown for a sitewide major upgrade and LAUNCH of ARTCUBE 4.0.  We are migrating to a new server and new platform for robust performance and fast scalability. In Art Department terms, it’s kinda like… …if you had to reproduce every location “down to the thimbles” from an LA 5-season episodic to multiple sound stages in […]

Your ArtCube profile just got a facelift + new feature!

Hey Cube! We’ve been busy bees behind the scenes! What’s new? Contact a Cuber directly via their profile Redesigned profile interface Mobile optimization upgrade What should you do?  Head to your Settings Add bio, avatar, resume and social links Upload resume and work photos Ask for recommendations from co-workers  FYI You can view your profile in […]

What do you think of Netflix’x new production hubs in your area?

Hello Cubers! I read this article in the Hollywood Reporter and thought I’d ask if you agree with, as stated in the article about producers: “They also praise the “creative freedom” they say they’ve had on Netflix originals.” Do you welcome Netflix? Will it have the impact on production like the article seems to say? […]

BIG changes tomorrow! Custom URL + interface improvements + tag filters!

Hello ArtCube Nation! We have been working on some updates and new features which release tomorrow morning!!!! Here’s what you need to know for after the release tomorrow… 1. Custom profile URL Your USER NAME will be used for You will then be able to send your URL to potential clients and *member or […]

MODERATOR CUBE TIPS: Applying for gigs

Greetings Cube! We have a few tips for you. 1. ONLY apply for jobs you are qualified to perform or be VERY honest about your experience. “Fake it till you make it” is an inappropriate attitude in Cube jobs applications. 2. Work on your professional profile on Cube. In SETTINGS, you can add a resume, […]

ISO Web Programmer/Designer to build website

Hey All! This job posting is sort of peripheral to the typical art dept based job posts, but I got Eva’s blessing since many of you do web design as well. I need someone to build my website from scratch. I haven’t found any cookie cutter platforms such as Squarespace or Wix that suit my […]

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