ArtCube Nation

Since 2007, the freelancers and vendors of ArtCube Nation have organically cultivated a culture and standards that emphasize professionalism, ethics, and inclusion.  
These guidelines are taken seriously on the Cube and are meant to promote our core values.

Posting Guidelines

Never "post for a friend" or a business


  • Third-party posts greatly reduce accountability in case of a dispute.

  • The posting Cuber is the point person for any disputes and risks removal from the community if unresolved.

  • This is unfair to members who register transparently and pay for access to our network.


Keep it in The Cube, original, legal, and relevant

Cut-and-Paste Posts are spam on the Cube

  • ArtCube is not Craig's List.  

  • Cubers remember posts that interest them and do not like a daily reminder that you have stuff for sale or you are looking for work.

  • If you have a new message, with new information and an original copy, post it. But do realize that your willingness to pummel the Cube with repetitive messages will have the opposite desired effect.


Do not forward emails to non-members.

  • Personal information is sometimes included on posts and you forwarding it to unaccountable strangers exposes the Cuber and that is a BIG NO NO.

  • It cheats paying members, and your peers, out of opportunities.  


Practice informational and legible brevity.


  • Keep posts succinct but add all the key details


Ethics and Legality

  • Animals are not props.   Do not ask to “borrow” an animal.  Ever.

    • Use a professional wrangler who knows how to keep their trained animal calm, camera-ready, and feeling safe

  • Never post for advice for anything illegal or questionable, like how to hotwire a cube truck.

  • If your need is for “theatrical”  or "Faux" illegal props or set dressing, please indicate so.

  • If you run a business and sign up as a freelancer, that is. theft of services.

    • It cheats the business community out of opportunities and does not contribute your fair share. 

    • Egregious and false identities risk being banned and possibly back billed for the balance due in months past.


Posting Images 

  • Only post photos you are okay with the World Wide Web seeing.

  • If you are working on a sensitive project, only post images that do not compromise the production.

    • Images you post publicly on ArtCube may be used on our Social Media, Newsletter, or Blog.  

Labor Standards

Abject and everyday hiring discrimination is never tolerated.

Request the skill set your gig requires versus a presumed candidate.

    • For example, "Looking for a few people who can lift up to 50 pounds and haul boxes up 5 flights of stairs".

Vet your candidates

      • ArtCube does not interview or vet freelancers.
        • We have indicators in play and plans to give a better idea of experience level.
      • if they are awesome, leave a recommendation on their profile to help others vet and hire confidently.
      • If they are terrible, pay them and never hire them again.

Health and Safety

  • All businesses hiring on ArtCube Nation are to be OSHA compliant.
    • Playing fast and loose with the crew's health and safety will be met with removal from The Cube ergo access to the vast talent pool.

Pay the people

  • Nationwide, all jobs must offer ​at least​ $15 an hour, which is still not enough
  • Paid internships only
  • Pay on time, in the full amount

ArtCube is NOT a union workaround.

  • We are pro-union, pro-people.
  • If you are a producer, and you have a contract with any union, adhere to the contract.  ArtCube is not a place to hide from contractual obligations.


Dependability, Honesty + Respect

  • Be nice. Be helpful.

  • Show up.

  • Tell the truth.

  • Say thank you.

  • Pay it forward.

  • Zero snark.

Asking for Help


Do your homework and make that known. VERY *BIG* on The Cube.

  • If you are stuck and need sourcing help, ask away! You know some zany job had someone looking for the same.

Help The Cube help you.

  • Note where you have looked

  • Post a reference photo

  • Mention timeline and speed bumps

  • You very well might get ignored otherwise


Freelancer Professionalism

Dependability, Honesty + Respect

  • Never ghost a Cuber. Ever. 
  • Show up.  No-shows are antithetical to the Cube way and are banned from Cubing forever.

attn: Rising Stars and Recent Grads

ArtCube is not a search engine.

  • ArtCube is a professional community of busy people who generously help you. Do your homework.
  • Keep ArtCube members motivated to take time out of their busy day to lend a hand in a jam. Do your homework.
  • Ghosting is unacceptable.  It's a selfish and disruptive act that hurts your reputation and ours.
  • N0-shows are banned for life. Show up or find an acceptable, dependable replacement if something comes up.

attn: Seasoned Veterans

Have empathy for rising professionals 

    • The willingness to learn, sweat bullets and bust their humps is more important than knowing everything you do.
    • Tolerate side hustle jobs they keep cell phones bills paid to take your work calls.
    • Write a recommendation for any person (or vendor) who you would hire again to keep them working and the talent pool vetted.

Business Best Practices

Engagement is the new banner ad

  • The acceptable "promotion" of your business on ArtCube Nation lies in your ability to contribute to their immediate project needs. If that's your inventory, service, or expertise, congrats!  You have a new client.

  • Promote sales, events, new inventory, and parties!

  • Do not post advertisements or marketing materials.

    • It will have the opposite desired effect.

The Cube talent pool has us to call on.

  • It's very rare, but we get involved in non-payment disputes

    • Pay on time. 

    • Be upfront about net days to payments

  • It's very rare, but we get involved in unsafe workspaces.

    • Ventilation, hydration, all that.  

    • If you posted and hired on Cube, we expect our members to be safe.

Reply publicly to posts to establish yourself as a go-to expert in the field.

  • If your company has the answer, your reply persists for others that search the topic in the future. We want that intel to persist.

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