Community is Everything

ArtCube is the platform for Cubers to share job opportunities, get work, compare tricks of the trade, and promote film-friendly vendors and personal projects.
By virtue of an active community, we deliver industry intelligence in real-time, thus promoting a strong, informed, and responsive workforce.

Member Advocacy

Whether it’s an issue with a gig you landed on ArtCube or a uniquely Art Department problem like rigging or sourcing, Cubers can turn to us for solutions. Peer-to-peer advice gives the ArtCube member the advantage of a deep well of experience and support. In addition, the moderators of ArtCube hold all employment postings accountable and swiftly resolve any issues.

Transparent + Equitable Hiring

The healthiest and most productive communities are inclusive and diverse.  We can leverage our talented workforce to underscore the power we have to create a fair future. To assure equitable hiring practices, rates, union status and anticipated hours are required upfront.

Job descriptions specify skills required versus gender identity, as what you might need is someone who can lift 50 pounds or a person with a van.

Embrace Evolution

Members are the crux and inspiration for the development and drive our sense of responsibility.

It is our duty to listen to industry shifts and the current needs of our members shared on a daily basis. With that, we respond directly and develop the appropriate features to seamlessly evolve with the demands of production.

Activism Encouraged

Many Art Department professionals care deeply about social and environmental issues.  ArtCube has been directly and indirectly involved with organized community activism in times of crisis and everyday acts of generosity.

If you have an organization you support, you can always post for free supplies, and share volunteer opportunities, events, and fundraisers.

Sustainablity > Dumpsters

ArtCube members combat climate change by offering their no-longer-needed assets to the community for reuse. Cubers also seek and promote local vendors reducing emissions and single-use material waste.

Gatherings are Essential

We’re a digital community at the core, but we firmly believe that in-person gatherings can create magic. We host a number of events throughout the year to promote networking, happiness and FUN!