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ArtCube Nation is more than a film industry jobs board…

…or a place to read Art Department film jobs and nothing more.  We are a specialized, ecosystem that caters to the unique needs of Art Department crews and vendors in entertainment and events in Prep, Shoot, and Wrap while embracing inclusion and diversity.

We offer customizable notifications for Art Department gigs, Fabrication Shop bid requests, and peer-to-peer advice plus way more.  Our deep knowledge of the pain points and needs makes us not only the one of best websites for film jobs but for your career, connections, and stress levels.  The ArtCube platform has your best interests in mind. Plus, we throw a great party.

ArtCube Market
is THE place to post set sales, free flats, or search for that hard-to-find set dressing.  Either way, #notinadumpster is our motto!

Types of Cubers and Art Department jobs they do!


Established in 2007 by an Art Department Coordinator, ArtCube Nation offers way more Art Department jobs.

Freelance professionals and Art Department crew and vendors connect, share vendor recommendations, and peer advice to help each other in a jam. We created a community that can help creative individuals grow in their careers and support one another.

We foster an inclusive and supportive environment for creative professionals and vendors in film, television, theatre, and events.

As easy as writing an email, we’ve developed a simple, yet unique approach to sourcing professionals and vendors for creative projects.

One post to any of our 120 cities prompts freelencers and vendors to reoly to you, rather than you having to actively search for hours. which is infinitely more effective and efficient and less steressful.

ArtCube Market allows individuals and businesses to sell, donate, buy and announce set sales of assets from closing productions, thus promoting sustainable practices by reusing materials, props and set dressing, rather than buying new at retail prices.

This approach is beneficial for the whole industry, as it can help to reduce waste and costs, and promote more sustainable practices, sharing and forges more connections!

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