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"Literally responsible for 80% of my jobs last year."

ArtCube Nation is more than a film industry jobs board.

Or a place to read Art Department jobs in film and nothing more.  We are a specialized, ecosystem that caters to the unique needs of Art Department crews and vendors in entertainment and events in Prep, Shoot, and Wrap while embracing inclusion and diversity.

Empowering Creatives in Film & TV Art Departments

Join the Premier Network for Art Department Professionals, Vendors, and Freelancers.

Founded in 2007, ArtCube Nation is a unique professional network tailored for the Art Department community in Film, TV, and Events.

We offer exclusive access to jobs from working professionals and vendors, a thriving marketplace for set dressing and props, and a network of passionate, skilled professionals.


Established in 2007 by an Art Department Coordinator, ArtCube Nation offers way more Art Department jobs.


Freelance creatives and Art Department crew and vendors connect, share vendor recommendations, and peer advice to help each other in a jam. We created a community that can help creative individuals grow in their careers and support one another.

We foster an inclusive and supportive environment for creative professionals and vendors in film, television, theatre, and events.

ArtCube Nation connects you with an array of creative spaces perfect for various artistic and production needs.

Discover shared artist lofts, versatile event venues for any occasion, short-term construction shops equipped for theatrical fabrication projects, and daylight photo studios.


These spaces, tailored to the film and TV industry, offer the flexibility and resources needed by freelancers, businesses, and anyone looking for a creative space.



ArtCube Nation’s initial goal in 2007 was to keep reusable set dressing, props, and raw materials out of dumpsters. It organically evolved into the Art Department eco system it is today!

ArtCube Market allows individuals and businesses to sell, donate, buy, and announce set sales of production assets from wrapping productions, thus promoting sustainable practices by reusing materials, props, and set dressing, rather than buying new at retail prices.

This approach benefits the whole industry, as it can help reduce waste and costs, and promote more sustainable practices, sharing and forging more connections!
Connect with industry leaders, and rising stars, access unique jobs, and find exceptional deals in our marketplace.
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