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The community workspace for Art Department, Fabrication + Design professionals.

ArtCubeNation is a niche, indie platform, catering to specific needs and challenges, providing resources and support that are tailored to the professionals in the entertainment and events industry, like Production Designers, Cube Drivers, Set Dressers, Prop Makers, Artisans, Fabricators, Prop Stylists, Art PAs, Vendors, SFX, and all the Magic Makers. 


10ft Flat Kit for sale + CANVAS ROLL

New York City For Sale
Mar 31, 2023 05:38
2 0

ISO large wooden Crate(s)

New York City ISO
Mar 30, 2023 04:34
11 0

1980s Santa Fe Pastel Upholstery Fabric Roll for 80s 90s Set Dec / 10 plus yards

KingstonNew HavenNew York City For Sale
Mar 30, 2023 02:10
18 0

4 Black Leather and Chrome Barber Chairs

New York City For Sale
Mar 29, 2023 07:19
12 0


A Professional Community.

Established in 2007, ArtCube Nation is way more than just a traditional job board. By providing a platform for professionals to connect and share resources, we are creating a community that can help creative individuals grow in their careers and support one another.

We foster an inclusive and supportive environment for creative professionals and vendors in film, television, theatre and events.

Efficient Sourcing.

As easy as writing an email, we've developed a simple, yet unique approach to sourcing professionals and vendors for creative projects.

One post to any of our 120 cities prompts freelencers and vendors to reoly to you, rather than you having to actively search for hours. which is infinitely more effective and efficient and less steressful.

Budget and Future Friendly.

ArtCube Market allows individuals and businesses to sell, donate, buy and announce set sales of assets from closing productions, thus promoting sustainable practices by reusing materials, props and set dressing, rather than buying new at retail prices. This approach is beneficial for the whole industry, as it can help to reduce waste and costs, and promote more sustainable practices, sharing and forges more connections!


We value and depend upon our community’s input and feedback and are open to city, feature, and event suggestions.

We want to build a sense of ownership and engagement among community members which can lead to more innovative and effective tech solutions and build a solid and active community invested in the platform’s success.

Thanks you!

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