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If you are considering joining or hiring an Art Department crew for fabrication, events, and film, or if you are long-time member and want to know how ArtCube’s new features work, this is the place!

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How do I find work in the Art Department on ArtCube Nation?

You can find work in the Art Department once you sign up for ArtCube Nation.

It’s partly the effort you put into your profile and keeping your eye on the Cube for the right opportunity to arise.

There are strategies.

  • Every job post has an apply now feature.
  • Create an Intro post!  Say hello and don't be shy, we are all friends here.
  • Apply immediately only to jobs for which you are qualified. 
  • Make sure your notifications are set to real-time.
  • Make sure your profile is up-to-date with fresh work photos with alt text added, links, and the tags of your skillset.
  • Request a recommendation from Cubers. We only permit positive reviews, so a recommendation on your profile could boost decision-making.

Do not self-promote beyond introducing yourself. When Cubers need crew they post for crew.  

When you reply to a job, add some personality and EFFORT.  "I'm available" is not enough to inspire anyone hiring to single out your resume!

What is ArtCube Nation?

ArtCube is a professional workspace and marketplace created to give entertainment and events freelancers and vendors a home base to communicate, collaborate and problem-solve. 

ArtCube Nation is focused, professional, and moderated with an emphasis on transparency, inclusion, and reducing event and entertainment waste as our contribution to evolving industry standards. 

How does ArtCube Nation work?

Members create posts by topic and city like art department crew jobs, fabrication bid requests, or peer-to-peer advice queries.   The posts are immediately delivered to all members who opted in for real-time alerts in the designated city.

In a nutshell, with one post, you alert hundreds or even thousands of Cubers, so the available talent or solutions come to you.

Are the jobs union or non-union?

Both. We are pro-union and the founder is a member of Local 829.

Our JOBS form has required check boxes for Cubers to indicate if it is a union job with optional permit status or non-union.

Many Cubers are long-standing members of Locals 829 and 52.

Hello, Producers,

ArtCube is NOT a union workaround.

  • We are pro-union and pro-people
  • If you have a contract with any union, adhere to the contract.  ArtCube is not a place to hide from contractual obligations.

Are you hiring?

Kinda. We contract bloggers AND content creators.
Wordsmiths and shutterbugs to the front!

Would you like to write about our


    • Blog articles are written by Cubers


    • Set Sales

    • Promos

    • Admin add


    • Global up-to-date Industry News and Opinion

  • DO-GOODERS – Charities

    • What we support with our talent


    • Advice posts,  polished + amalgamated


    • Cool stuff Cubers do
  • Cool things our peeps make and do on set


How do I edit my profile?

How to edit your ArtCube Nation Profile

Find your profile in your account menu under your avatar or on the Dash


Find and click the blue pencil.

FAQs Blue edit pencil how so I edit my profile?

There's a little blue pencil in the upper right corner.

Scroll down a bit to find the blue pencil button.

Don't forget to save!

Can I request to add a tag in Skills, Tools and Licenses?

Start typing the tag you'd like to see.

If it is not available, the option to request the tag will appear.

 Suggest a gerund, such as "set dressing".

CLICK the PLUS to request.

 Once you SAVE, the tags are pending approval by the admin.

Once the tag is approved, tags appear on your profile immediately!

If the tag exists in another form, is misspelled, or is miscategorized, the admin will decline the request and offer some suggestions.

Can I request a Job Category or Job Description?

YES!  We want all the tags!

Send us a note with the chatbot or request here.

Why should I add ALT TEXT to my avatar and portfolio images?

 is what search engines "bots" read to identify images for search results. (It's also so the visually impaired with text reader so they can surf the webm too.)

For your avatar, a good alt text is:
Alex Smith, New York City based Art Director and Set Designer,

For a portfolio image:
A 1970s kitchen set design with avocado appliances.  Set design by Alex Smith New York City based Art Director and Set Designer.  


Can we add a tag to Specialties, Equipment and Inventory?

Start typing the tag you'd like to see.

If it is not available, the option to request the tag will appear.

CLICK the PLUS to request.
 ArtCube Nation FAQs, ArtCube FAQs    

Once you SAVE, the tags are pending approval by the admin.

Once the tag is approved, tags appear on your profile immediately!

If the tag exists in another form, is misspelled, or is miscategorized, the admin will decline the request and offer some suggestions.

Can I speak to someone about my business and ArtCube?

Yes, our CEO and founder, Eva Radke, would love to chat. 

She has years of industry experience and has a micro and macro view of the industry and LOVES to promote local vendors.

Just click here to schedule a time to speak with Eva and we will get the ball rolling! 

What is the difference between a Freelancer account and a Business account?

You are a freelancer if...

You seek crew positions in film, TV, theater, and events.

You were hired to be the key on a film, TV, theater, or events production.

You are a niche artisan like a graffiti or sketch artist.

You want to make the leap to freelancing and leave the stable, boring, and salaried life behind.


You are a business if...

You have full-time employees or it's just you and hire freelancers for your awarded jobs.

You want buyers from the film, theater or event industry to know about your inventory. 

You want to attract new project leads, provide a service to the industry, and/or scale operations.

You want to receive Bid Requests for fabrication, design or any project. 

You want to be listed in the upcoming Business Directory, ArtCube Pedia.

You want to draw from the talent pool on ArtCube to hire crew for awarded projects.

You are a PERMALANCER who helps with various projects at a time at one place. Set them up with a business account, do not risk your freelance account.

You offer salaried and/or freelance rates.

You offer a service for projects where you are not on the crew, EVEN IF you started out as a freelancer or still take the occasional freelance gig.

Even if YOU define it as "just a side hustle" or "it's just you", it's a business, kid!  Believe it!

This includes and not limited to

  • People with a Van
  • Freelance Designers with a Design Business.
  • Fabrication shops of one
  • Prop Houses built by the castoffs of jobs


Does ArtCube work for a Producer or Film Production Company?

Yes, yes, a million times yes.


  • Budget When you are prepping, many other productions are wrapping. Source flats, set dressing, and props from wrapping productions that need to redirect their no-longer-needed assets. Everyone saves money and it’s not in a landfill.
  • Request a quote from our 50+ fabrication shops who are happy to be connected to a potential new client with an informed budget.
  • Crew up Identify, contact, and hire film and event crew from PAs to Production Designers
  • Away job? Find talent and vendors in 120+ cities around the world and line up the locals before you touch down.
  • Find a location or studio via a SPACE post to location owners flexible and able to work with your project’s parameters.
  • Hire a PICTURE CAR from a local or Art Department freelancer.


  • Script change scrambles are a lot easier to handle when you have a community of Cubers who have “been there” and feel your pain.   If there’s an urgent need for a gallon of chroma key paint or holiday gift wrap in July, The Cube has got you covered.
  • Day players are a lot easier to bring on with one post on the Cube.  Union or non-union, if you suddenly need extra scenic artists you don’t need to spend hours on the phone getting recommendations or rely on Availability Lists that always seem to have the same names and the rarely hired for undisclosed reasons.


  • All the assets you really needed are suddenly a drain on resources. STOP filling landfills with set dressing in the shop or storage.  Dumpsters are not the answer.
  • Post a Set Sale to any amount of cities nearby.  Hundreds if not 1000’s will know you’ve got the goods. You can add what kind of sets and eras your project was to help promote to Set Decorators and Shoppers.
  • Sell or donate specific items on ArtCube Market. Earn some of that budget back when you connect with a buyer thrilled to pick up what you are laying down.

How can I add a Team Member to my account?

Log in.

Click your Avatar on the upper right hand corner

Select> My Cube>My Team

Add the Email of the person you'd like to invite.

They will get an alert in their in-box

One they accept, they are Cubing!



How do I post on ArtCube Nation?

Once you join ArtCube, you are directed to your Member Dash.

  • Select POST from the menu or click the DASH button "Post"
  • Select the Post Topic + City or Cities
  • Fill in the detail fields with as much detail as you can supply
  • Add files like photos, specs, or bar napkin sketch
  • Click POST to send
  • Stand by for the Cube magic

What are the post categories?


ONLY paid union or non-union work in film, TV, theater, events, installation, design, or bid requests from fabricators, niche artisans, paid internships, or crew calls.

One job, one post.  If you are hiring 5 job positions, you create 5 posts.

Read the blog post
"Job v ISO, What's the diffrence and Why it matters."

Side-hustle jobs, like service gigs are okay, we will build a filter so that those who are annoyed by them can mute them.

  • No “exposure” jobs are permitted
  • Only paid internships or where school credit is granted are permitted

(4 sub-categories)

  • ISO (In search of) is a source request
    • When you need a little help finding that super weird thing when looking for specific props, set dressing, raw materials, or scenic elements for a project.
    • Post if you have done the research and exhausted the “usual suspects”
    • Be prepared to provide details of your search thus far.
  • FF (For Free) is a no-charge transfer of assets
    • If you need it gone fast, give it away.
    • No dumpster fees are required.
  • For Sale is an offer of an asset or personal kit items at a discounted price
    • Firm or negotiable, as long as it’s not thrown away, we’re happy!
  • A Set Sale is an announcement of a large asset sale from a production
    • Details like “era” or “sets and scenes” define the types of items Cubers can expect
    • The end date automatically closes the post.


In a jam?  Got a tough issue to solve and you need the Cube-mind?

Ask the Cube HOW they would do it! You'd be surprised to learn that YOUR pickle has been solved by another Cuber. Get all the intel on adhesives you can stand.


  • This is where you say hello to the Cube!
  • You will be prompted to update your profile before hand.
  • Just be yourself and be honest about your  skills and experience. Your uniqueness is a big plus.  


  • Non-work-related queries like asking for recommendations for a good freelancer-friendly accountant or dentist.


  • Find or announce a studio, living, shop, stage, or storage space.

What does it mean when a post is grey?

It has been “Closed”.

The post owner has fulfilled the project needs and gets no reply notifications.

You can carry on commenting and tagging Cubers on the post, however.   

What's the difference between a JOB post and ISO post?

A JOB post is seeks to employ a person to do a job.

An ISO post is when you are looking for a thing you can not find.

It's important to post JOBS using the form so we can monitor the rate and have transparency in our hiring practices.

See our Core Values page for more information.

What's the difference between ADVICE post and an ISO post?

Asking for knowledge like recipes, DIY gags, and Tricks of the Trade.

Art Departments around the world are consistently asked for the impossible and ridiculous. With ArtCube, you needn't go it alone.

If you've done a little research/experimenting and coming up short, ask your fellow Cubers in an ADVICE post.


Examples of (actual) ADVICE POSTS:


"I need to make realistic-looking weed for a scene.

Looking for a good fake pot recipe if you have one! " 



"Any suggestions as to where I can find (or how to make) a non-toxic, opaque black goop or slime?

I need about 500 gallons for an installation I’m working on."



"Does anyone have experience making a tiled floor look like there's grout between the tiles?

We don't have long enough to properly tile and grout it."


When you are looking for a THING, but can't find it available locally within your budget and time constraints.

It's like turtlenecks in July for wardrobe stylists - hard-to-find items.  With the collective knowledge (and storage units) of ArtCube, someone must have a line on that weird thing!


Examples of (actual) ISO POSTS:



"Need an insane amount of ball pit balls for a show I'm working on."

Anyone know of a place that somehow has like 5,000 or more of them lyin' around? 


Looking for either a blank canvas or an old painting that we can paint over.

Desperate times! Measurements can go from W: 60"-72" x H: 30"-42"


Hi! Looking for silicone/real feel/bendable male mannequin legs (1 pair) and mannequin arms (1 pair).

Can purchase or rent! Not having any luck with the usual mannequin shops that carry the store display style mannequins.



Side note: No replies to an ISO post? 

ZERO replies is actually an answer.  You might need to fabricate it.

Side-side note: ISO is NOT for PEOPLE

Post a JOB where you include a rate.



Where can I view all my posts?

In your MY CUBE folder.

There you can edit, delete or close your post.

How can I edit a post?

  • Find and select your post in My Posts OR the News Feed
  • Click the gear in the upper right-hand corner
  • Select Edit Post
  • Make your changes, including new cities or files.
  • Click Send to update your post on the feed.

Does editing a post resend the post to all inboxes?

  • No. Editing a post does not resend the post, but it is changed on the News Feed.

    Make a new post of you need to add a city.

Can I stop email replies to a post from applicants or buyers?

Close your post, but keep a record of your post history.

  • My Posts  or News Feed
  • Select your post subject to open 
  • Click the gear in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Select Close Post
  • Confirm Close with CubeBot or cancel the request



The post will remain on the feed and greyed out.

Replies are still active for further discussion.

    What's a legacy post?

    It is one of the 13,263  posts migrated from  previous versions of ArtCube to preserve the wisdom of the elders.


    Why do you moderate posts?

    We moderate all first posts  on ArtCube to ensure that new members make a great first impression and produce successful queries.

    We also moderate certain Cubers when they have exhibited a tendency to post questionable content or over-share the same spammy and repetitive content.

    Why was my post moderated?

    Most likely you are missing some crucial information, it’s miscategorized OR it contradicts the Community Guidelines

    We built forms with optional fields to guide the process.  Make use of all that apply.

    Common reasons a post is moderated (by category):


    • The topic selected was JOBS but should have been PROMO
      • JOBS is strictly for offering open positions and work opportunities.
      • PROMO is for your availability alerts
    • The job seems off-base or sketchy.
      • For instance, we rejected a post that was a casting call for ‘ladies of the night”.  Uh, nope.
    • The job is a Key job at a PA rate.
      • PAs are entry-level positions presumably to learn the craft.


    • Research not disclosed
      • Illustrate you have done some research and are not expecting the professionals of ArtCube to do your job. Include where you have already looked or methods tried or researched.
      • If you have NO IDEA where to start, humbly make that very clear.
    • Missing reference photos
    • Missing budget limitations and what you can spend. Need an angel, in other words, free, is always a tougher ask.
    • Explain issues you have confronted if any, like shipping delays, it is rented out, or vendor being out-of-stock.


    • Your post is clearly marketing to an industry you do not understand.
      Example: Brooklyn Tee Shirt Company posted retail graphic tees on The Cube
      • CLEARED TEES are useful to this community.
        • Cleared means you own the rights to the images and you can grant permission for use.
      • CUSTOM TEES with 24-hour turnaround is useful to this community and the Costume and Wardrobe Department!

    How do I get banned forever?

    ArtCube Nation's Zero-Tolerance Banned Forever Policy 

    • Snark.  It's noise. 
    • Racism
    • Sexism
    • Hate Speech 
    • Committing "Friendly or Chargeback Fraud"
    • Ghosting a job or a payment.
    • Entitled or toxic behavior in posts, comments, email communications, chat or anywhere in the digital or physical world.
    • Misrepresentation on your profile.
    • Signing up for a Professional account when you are very much a Business.

    All members can be unsubscribed at any time for any reason. 

    Banned accounts need to appeal the matter.

    We ban about 3 people a year, you have to work hard to achieve this status. 



    Why are tag requests moderated?

    We want to make sure the tag requests are spelled and formatted correctly.

    We also want to make sure a similar tag does not exist and it is relevant to the forum.


    What are the four types of Market Categories?

    ArtCube Market was originally developed for Sustainable Filmmaking purposes. 

    Keep Set Dressing, Custom Props, and Construction out of  Dumpsters.. Our Art is not garbage, It needs a new project!

    ISO (In Search Of)

    That's when you are sourcing something like a prop or material. NOT PEOPLE - use the JOB form.


    This is for set dressing events like when a show or movie has completed shooting.


    Sell individual items to other Cubers!  Add one item at a time.



    Best way to get it gone and out of the dumpster!

    Do I have to join to sell on the market?

    Yes, you do have to be a member to sell on the Market.

    ArtCube Nation is a community, and limiting access only to members keeps accountability and communication clear.

    Joining is easy, quick,
    and free outside New York City.

    Is there a fee for selling items?

    At this time, there are no selling fees on ArtCube Market.

    Your membership is the only fee you pay to sell or announce a sweet sale or save the budget from certain doom.

    What's the best way to sell my items?

    Best practices to sell your set dressing, props, or raw materials.

    Single Items

    • List them individually.
    • Identify the item named in the SHORT subject.
    • Pictures REALLY help sell, but a link to the item is fine.

    Set Sales

    • List MULTIPLE  items as a Set Sale
      • "Lots" are typically vague and do not promote interest as much as specific items, but Set Sales get people excited.
    • Market Categories, Eras, Sets and Scenes help you give other productions an idea of your offerings.


    What cities does ArtCube Nation serve?

    ArtCube Nation is around the world including The Americas, Europe, Africa, and Australia.

    About Cities
    New York City is HQ and the only city with a small membership fee at this time.

    Members join any city where they work as a local.

    Members can post to or view any city.

    SIGN UP!

    Albany Cape Town
    Albuquerque Lagos
    Asbury Park Nairobi
    Atlantic City AUSTRALIA
    Austin Brisbane
    Baltimore Melbourne
    Bergen County Sydney
    Buffalo CANADA
    Charlotte Montreal
    Chattanooga Toronto
    Chicago Vancouver
    Cleveland C+S AMERICA
    Columbus Buenos Aires
    Dallas Guatemala City
    Denver Mexico City
    Detroit Rio De Janeiro
    Essex County Santiago
    Greenville São Paulo
    Honolulu EUROPE
    Houston Amsterdam
    Hudson County Barcelona
    Hudson Valley Berlin
    Indianapolis Budapest
    Jacksonville Canary Islands
    Jersey City Dublin
    Kansas City Edinburgh
    Kingston Glasgow
    Knoxville Helsinki
    Lancaster Kyiv
    Las Vegas Lisbon
    Los Angeles London
    Louisville Madrid
    Madison Milan
    Marfa Paris
    Memphis Prague
    Miami Rome
    Minneapolis Seville
    Morris County  
    Nashville JAPAN
    New Haven Tokyo
    New Orleans  
    New York City NEW ZEALAND
    Oklahoma City Auckland
    Palm Springs  
    Passaic County  
    Salt Lake City  
    San Antonio  
    San Diego  
    San Francisco  
    Santa Fe  
    St. Louis  
    Union County  
    Washington D.C.

    Can I request a city be added to the ArtCube?

    Yes.  But, we will need you to be an active participant in its growth. Building an active community takes time and influence. 

    If you think you’ve got the connections to help us understand the market in your area and can recruit at least 20 vendors and freelancers, we will happily build a new Cube. 

    Contact us!

    Do I have to join a city to post there?

    Nope!   New Rule!

    • You should only join cities where you work as a local.
    • Your Homebase or Primary City is added to posts by default.

    Do I have to pay for each city?

    At this time, only New York City has a subscription fee.

    Join today!

    How do I add a city?


    You do not need to join a city to post there.

    Only add an ArtCube City IF (and ONLY IF) you work as a local in that city.

    Add a city on your PROFILE page. 

    • Only join Cities where you work as a local.
    • Search results for crew need to be accurate and produce viable candidates.

    Keep in mind, you can POST TO ANY CITY without joining it by selecting it from the dropdown menu.



    How do I stop getting emails from a free city?

    You can remove or add any city from your profile.

    DASH >MyCube> My Profile
    • Click the blue pencil.
    • Click the city to remove
    • X the field clear
    • SAVE

    If you belong to a paid city, like NYC, this will not unsubscribe you., just prevent emails from that city from delivering.


    I can’t log in. What can I do?


    Login Troubleshooting Steps for ArtCube


    If you're experiencing issues logging into your ArtCube account, please check the common reasons why:

    • Is your email confirmed?
      • If you are a new user, make sure you have confirmed your email address.
      • Look for a confirmation email from [email protected] and follow the verification link.
      • ⚡️ACTION REQUIRED⚡️ is in the subject
    • Using the right email?
      • Ensure you are using the correct email address for logging in—this should be the one where you receive notifications from ArtCube.
      • If you used a mobile payment app to subscribe, contact the admin, we may have to connect the dots.
    • Reset Your Password?
        • If this is your first login since 2/2023, you will need to reset your password.
        • Fail at logging in and follow the prompts to reset it and then try logging in again.
    • Is your account Active?:
      • Check your billing page to confirm that your account is active.
      • Here, you can also update payment information, download invoices, or unsubscribe if necessary.

    In a digital loop? Your browser is living in the past.

    • 99% of the time clearing your image cache will solve this.





    I had a bad experience with another ArtCuber. Is there someone I can tell?

    BAD APPLE?  They gotta go.

    YES. Admin wants to know immediately. Contact us.

    It’s VERY rare, reputations are on the line, but if you hired someone from ArtCube and they were demonstrably a no-show, for instance, we will ban that person from the hiring pool without hesitation.

    I didn't get the "Confirm Email" in my inbox. Help!

    Look in your junk folder.

    The email is from [email protected]

    Still a nope?  Contact us.  Admin will resend

    I'm in a digital loop


    1. Clear Image Cache 
    2. Hard Refresh your Browser
    3. Enable Cookies

      Clear Images

      Chrome:  chrome://settings/privacy


      Go to

      Click the padlock next to the URL

      Select Clear Cookies and Site Data


      Go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data

      Choose > Remove.

    Hard Refresh on Mobile

    ✈️ Turn ON Airplane mode

    🔂 Reload the URL page (won't work)

    🚫✈️ Turn OFF Airplane mode

    🔂 Reload the URL  (latest version)

    Hard Refresh on Desktop

    A refresh or reload will cause the browser to re-check with the web server to make sure it has the latest copy of the web page you are viewing. Here are keyboard shortcuts.

    🍎Mac: Cmd + R

    🚉Windows: Ctrl + F5

    🎡Linux: F5

    Clear Cookies

    Our site requires the use of browser cookies for our services to work properly. If you have trouble with some sections of your site, you may wish to check to make sure you have cookies enabled:

    Click to see if you have cookies enabled

    Generally, unless you have privacy concerns, we would not recommend that you clear all browser cookies, as that will affect your experience using other websites. However, you may need to clear your cookies to troubleshoot a specific issue.

    For instructions on how to clear the cookies in your browser, click the appropriate link for your browser below:


    Need help NOW? 
    LIVE CHAT with the pink bubble OR LEAVE WORD on the chat M-F 9-5 EST  to send an instant alert to admin or troubleshoot live.


    Can I get emails in real-time or opt out of a topic?

    Notification Settings are your friend.

    We offer several ways to filter the posts that hit your inbox.


    Soon!  Daily Digest

    Get a single email daily of all posts in your selected cities.

    Opt Out of Post Categories

    You can opt out of all categories EXCEPT Advice.  We need to be there for Cubers in a pickle.

    How do I reset my password?

      • Click your avatar for a dropdown

    How do I change my email address?

    How do I delete my info?

    Delete your Free Account Information in your Privacy Settings. This does NOT unsubscribe you from NYC. It deletdes your info in the Cube database NOT in Stripe.

    Premium Members should unsubscribe in Billing.


    Can I pause my account?

    Welp, you used to be able to until we got this announcement from Stripe.

    It caused us so many headaches and they finally just pulled it.  

    We wanted to give you flexibility, but this payment portal giant killed the feature.

    Please contact us if you need a little help.

    Hi there,
    We wanted to let you know Stripe has removed the pause subscription feature from the Customer Portal as of March 29, 2024.
    We removed this feature because the ‘Pause plan’ button in Customer Portal did not behave as expected. When your customers clicked ‘Pause plan’, Stripe paused the collection of payments for that subscription, but the subscription status remained unchanged.
    We recognize the inconvenience this may have caused for your business and are committed to helping you find the best path forward. We recommend you take the following actions:
    Confirm if your integration is stopping the provisioning of services or goods based on the ‘pause_collection’ property of the subscription object when the ‘customer.subscription.updated’ webhook was sent. Note that neither the subscription object's ‘paused’ status nor the ‘customer.subscription.paused’ webhook indicated pauses made through the Customer Portal.
    Look into your subscriptions with paused payment collection. As of April 2, 2024, 77 of your subscriptions have had their payments paused via the Customer Portal but were never in a ‘paused’ status. You can find subscriptions with payments currently paused using the Dashboard or API. If you need assistance canceling subscriptions, please reach out to us.
    Go through your website, app or any customer facing documentation to see if there's any mention of pausing subscriptions in the Customer Portal, and remove or clarify it as necessary.
    In the future, Stripe intends to support changing the subscription’s status to 'paused' in the Dashboard, API, and Customer Portal.
    If you have questions, please read Stripe's  FAQ or contact support—we’re here to help.
    – The Stripe team


    I’m flat broke, can I pay later?



    YES. We are happy to pause collection for a few months until the checks come in.  Contact us so you can stay on The Cube.

    Can I have a free trial?

    You can request a 14-day trial to be added to you active account. Contact the admin.

    Unsubscribing is an immediate action and we have a strict no refunds and no prorate policy.

    The News Feed and Market are visible to all to see the kind of activity and member profiles are searchable on  the web.

    How do I change my card information?



    • Sign in to ArtCube Nation
    • Click your avatar for a dropdown
    • Select Billing

    Can I get a copy of all my invoices?

    • Sign in to ArtCube Nation
    • Click your avatar for a dropdown
    • Select Billing

    How do I cancel my account?

    • Sign in to ArtCube Nation
    • Click your avatar for a dropdown
    • Select Billing


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