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CitizenM Hotel is having an open call for video artists

A dear friend of mine works for a new European hotel line (CitizenM) and they are having an open call looking for video artists- pass along if you know anyone who might be interested.  Details on the link!  This is no ordinary open call. Thousands of people will come face-to-face with your work in the […]

Available Prop, Dresser, transitioning from Art Dept Coordinator many years.

Hello Art Dept, Prop Masters/Mistresses, Leadmen/women,  After many years as a union ADC in NYC, I’m transitioning into the Prop Dept and Set Dressing. Aiming to join Local 52, waiting for application process to open. I have both OSHA and Aerial Lifts certificates. Available to work paid projects. I Prop Mastered this music video for George […]

???? HELLO 4.0! ArtCube Nation will be SHUT DOWN OVER THE WEEKEND.

ArtCube Nation will be shutdown for a sitewide major upgrade and LAUNCH of ARTCUBE 4.0.  We are migrating to a new server and new platform for robust performance and fast scalability. In Art Department terms, it’s kinda like… …if you had to reproduce every location “down to the thimbles” from an LA 5-season episodic to multiple sound stages in […]

ArtCube 4.0 is coming. Sign up to beta test the soup-to-nuts overhaul.

Greetings Cube-verse, I’ve been chomping at the bit to write this email! ArtCube 4.0 has been redesigned, expanded, and rebuilt. We need actual Cubers to beta-test the new platform in a couple of weeks. Sign up to beta test 4.0 YOU are the ultimate beta tester. The Cuber, the freelancer, the vendor, the looky-loo, will […]

RSVP: WORLD AS STUDIO: Resources for Emerging Designers Virtual Salon #38

Sunday, May 22, 2022 7pm EST Zoom + FB Live Register Panelists: Natalie Robin, Meghan Finn, David “Dstew” Stewart + Video: Eva Radke Moderated by Wingspace Produced in partnership with Design Week There is a wide range of resources available for designers who are entering the field of theater. From collectives, studio shares, unions, and […]


Looking for freelance Art Department crew for an upcoming independent feature Red Right Hand filming in the greater Louisville, Kentucky area. The film is a slow-burn backwoods crime thriller. Starting prep now. There are a wide variety of positions ranging from light construction and paint, working with greens, to set dressing and graphics. Looking for: Construction Coordinator Propmaker […]

Paid Focus group for van drivers/ owners | $200

I’m posting this focus group looking for drivers and/ or owners of 2-tonne (cargo) vans, etc. if interested in being considered, pls directly contact: [email protected] Paid Research Call Regarding 2-Tonne Van Ethnography | $200 Hi ArtCube,    I hope you are well. My name is Mark and I’m part of the research team of Zintro Inc. We are […]

need help sourcing a match (throw blanket)

Hi ArtCube, Curious if anyone knows where to source this indigo striped throw blanket seen on the set of “Wandavision” recently (see pic). Appreciate all recs in advance !! Thank you kindly, xx joannapples xx

ArtCube’s Call for Help

Hi All,  It’s Jess, the ArtCube Community Manager – I wanted to write to you all because I love the Cube so much. When COVID-19 hit, ArtCube’s co-founders, Eva and Liz, put themselves on the back burner and did the only thing they knew how to do: help our community. Despite the hardships we’ve all gone through […]

covid sources for film production

Hi there ArtCube Fam! I seen this resource on another film group I’m in, and I wanted to share it here, FYI: covid sources for film production: Stay safe ???? with love xx joannapples xx

Announcing: Market Place for Cubers

It’s Jess Costa – ArtCube’s Community Manager. We wanted to acknowledge that we are in unprecedented times and we need to create our own economy. We’re opening an online market to feature our Cubers, ArtCube Market, that’s accessible to the public. It’s like Etsy but curated and just for us.  ArtCube Market is not only for sales: […]

Just-for-Cube Class : World Building & Visual Storytelling Intensive

Sarah Cogan: Cuber, entrepreneur, designer, and now – creative educator is launching the next series of her Visual Storytelling and Worldbuilding Intensive! Sarah is holding a free, special introductory class for her fellow Cubers to learn more about her program, September 10, 2020 at 7:30 PM (EST). The World Building & Visual Storytelling Intensive is an 8-week […]

Antique Show

Hi there! Hope everybody is alright, all things considered.. ???? Want to share this great Antique Show with ArtCube in case anyone was in the market for any vintage pieces. My dear friend, Betsy Mosser is selling original 18th + 19th century engravings and lithographs (along with a good number of other dealers as well) […]

FILLED – Cleveland – Art PA for TV show

Looking for an Art PA to make runs and assist with light fabrication, painting, and installation for a TV show. Due to Covid, you and I will stay appropriately socially-distanced and separate from the rest of the crew. Sunday 8/2 – Monday 8/3 $210/day If you have a valid driver’s license, are handy, and are […]

NEW: Production Safety Guidelines in a pre-vaccine COVID-19 world

Hi ArtCube, Just seen this on another production group- thought I’d share. Apology if it’s already been posted. stay safe everybody !! ???? Here’s the first Production Safety Guidelines to officially release from SAG-AFTRA, IATSE and the Teamsters, all subsequently joined with the DGA in the effort to create this document. INTRODUCTION This document represents […]

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