Anyone having a set-sale?

Hey Hive, Our decorator is having a lot trouble sourcing here in New Orleans just because of how busy it is at the moment. Is anyone having a set-sale? Or […]

ISO Vinyl Installer in the Midwest

Hi all, looking for a professional vinyl installer for a project in Columbus, OH. I used to go through 3m for laborers but not getting a response. Anyone have a […]

Graphic Artist for Inforgraphics development

Hello! We’re looking for a Graphic Artist for an ongoing project to create some simple Art Department infographics-cheat sheets in Adobe InDesign, to be converted to an interactive PDF file […]

Car 🚗 🎨 Paint ||| Please Assist

greetings Cube! Quick question! I am painting a flame on my car to cover up a nick; I was told that enamel paint would last well in terms of weather! […]

Set Shop in Dallas Recommendations?

I’m looking for a set shop to build a small one room set for a shoot at the end of next week in Dallas. Any lead would be helpful, Thanks, […]

Local Dallas, TX Art Assistant Needed

Hey cube! Looking for a local assistant in Dallas, TX for a commercial photo shoot. Ideally they would have a license and some local knowledge of sourcing in Dallas. Any […]

ArtCube’s Call for Help

Hi All,  It’s Jess, the ArtCube Community Manager – I wanted to write to you all because I love the Cube so much. When COVID-19 hit, ArtCube’s co-founders, Eva and Liz, put […]

Announcing: Market Place for Cubers

It’s Jess Costa – ArtCube’s Community Manager. We wanted to acknowledge that we are in unprecedented times and we need to create our own economy. We’re opening an online market to […]