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No pay   Looking for someone to do fortnite gaming content.    Must have discord, mic, webcam and fortnite!    Must pretend to get angry after trolls or challenges.    If you’re interested in begin in a couple of fortnite videos then dm me or add me on discord or email me or add me […]

???? HELLO 4.0! ArtCube Nation will be SHUT DOWN OVER THE WEEKEND.

ArtCube Nation will be shutdown for a sitewide major upgrade and LAUNCH of ARTCUBE 4.0.  We are migrating to a new server and new platform for robust performance and fast scalability. In Art Department terms, it’s kinda like… …if you had to reproduce every location “down to the thimbles” from an LA 5-season episodic to multiple sound stages in […]

ArtCube 4.0 is coming. Sign up to beta test the soup-to-nuts overhaul.

Greetings Cube-verse, I’ve been chomping at the bit to write this email! ArtCube 4.0 has been redesigned, expanded, and rebuilt. We need actual Cubers to beta-test the new platform in a couple of weeks. Sign up to beta test 4.0 YOU are the ultimate beta tester. The Cuber, the freelancer, the vendor, the looky-loo, will […]

Art Dept Community in Tucson AZ?

Hi Cube,  Curious if anyone knows any fabricators, creatives etc out in Tucson AZ? I’m slowly making it my new/2nd home. I’m on the Phx Cube list, but it is quiet so thought I’d ask here just in case. This isn’t for a specific job, just general community/networking for the moment. Would love an email […]

Production Designer seeking crew in multiple cities

I am production designing a campaign that is shooting simultaneously in the following cities: Atlanta Chicago Toronto Philadelphia Arizona (city TBD) The shoot is taking place the week of the 24th. I am NYC based and will be designing each of the sets and need someone who can carry out: receiving props, setting locations, handling […]

ArtCube’s Call for Help

Hi All,  It’s Jess, the ArtCube Community Manager – I wanted to write to you all because I love the Cube so much. When COVID-19 hit, ArtCube’s co-founders, Eva and Liz, put themselves on the back burner and did the only thing they knew how to do: help our community. Despite the hardships we’ve all gone through […]

Announcing: Market Place for Cubers

It’s Jess Costa – ArtCube’s Community Manager. We wanted to acknowledge that we are in unprecedented times and we need to create our own economy. We’re opening an online market to feature our Cubers, ArtCube Market, that’s accessible to the public. It’s like Etsy but curated and just for us.  ArtCube Market is not only for sales: […]

Just-for-Cube Class : World Building & Visual Storytelling Intensive

Sarah Cogan: Cuber, entrepreneur, designer, and now – creative educator is launching the next series of her Visual Storytelling and Worldbuilding Intensive! Sarah is holding a free, special introductory class for her fellow Cubers to learn more about her program, September 10, 2020 at 7:30 PM (EST). The World Building & Visual Storytelling Intensive is an 8-week […]

Introducing your new Community Manager, Jess Costa!

Morning Cube! When we posted we were looking for a new Cube team member, we got a lot of wonderful applicants and got to better know some of our amazing members We wish we could hire them all, what an impressive community full of talent! We only got to pick one, the stars aligned and […]

A very special video for ArtCube Nation from the Heart Journey to Navajo Nation.

Greetings Cube, Your fellow Cuber and Conceptual Artist, Nicky Watts set out on a road trip yesterday to deliver 1000 shields, bleach, gloves and sanitizer to Navajo Nation. She was heading to Idaho anyway and wanted the trip to be meaningful, so she’s taking the “scenic route” though Arizona. In this video, she speaks to […]

Hey AZ! Who is making face shields? We’re getting orders in NYC!

Hey AZ Cube, Here in NYC, in the past four weeks the NYC ArtCube Army has made over 5,000 shields and 1,600 more next week. See our IG. I have request for 100 shields for Kingman Regional medical center and I’m sure that’s not the last! Wanna start making? Here is a dropbox of instructions, […]

Filing for Unemployment ArtCube Zoom meeting Tues, April 14

The COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent quarantine of communities have caused many freelancers and those within the Art Department to lose their livelihood and income. We want to help. Art Cube Nation is pairing up with Lee Clayton to discuss the topic of filing for unemployment. He will be answering questions from you and discussing things […]


Hello Cube, We hope you all are holding up okay. NYC Cuber, and Prop Master/Fabricator Christa Brunks  and partner made this awesome tutorial video for making face shields. link Here is a link to a Drop Box of patterns and specs link if you’d like to fabricate for your medical community at home. Over the weekend in NYC, let by […]

Your ArtCube profile just got a major facelift + new feature!

Hey Cube! We’ve been busy bees behind the scenes! What’s new? Contact a Cuber directly via their profile Redesigned profile interface Mobile optimization upgrade What should you do?  Head to your Settings Add bio, avatar, resume and social links Upload resume and work photos Ask for recommendations from co-workers  FYI You can view your profile in […]

Vintage Lingerie

First post here. Hopefully I’m doing this right. I have these beautiful vintage turn of the century to mid-century lingerie pieces to sell that would be perfect for anyone filming a period piece (think Mrs. Maisel or Mad Men). They are simply gorgeous. Not in perfect condition. Some have some small tears or stains that […]

New Cube! San Diego!

By Cuber request, we just added San Diego! It’s 100% free! This new community needs to be populated! What do you do now? JOIN Join San Diego if you can work there as a local! Settings–> Cities–> USA–> California–> San Diego RECRUIT San Diego locals Forward this email to your experienced Art Department peeps. Forward […]

BIG changes tomorrow! Custom URL + interface improvements + tag filters!

Hello ArtCube Nation! We have been working on some updates and new features which release tomorrow morning!!!! Here’s what you need to know for after the release tomorrow… 1. Custom profile URL Your USER NAME will be used for You will then be able to send your URL to potential clients and *member or […]

Looking for set fabricators in El Paso.

Hey Marfa, Posting for an NYC Cuber. If you have any good contacts, REPLY TO POST and I’ll pass along the suggestions. Original post: “Hey Cubers! Anyone have any contacts for build shops / builders near El Paso TX?? Need some wall flats etc built and some graphic installers. Open to surrounding cities as well […]

MODERATOR CUBE TIPS: Applying for gigs

Greetings Cube! We have a few tips for you. 1. ONLY apply for jobs you are qualified to perform or be VERY honest about your experience. “Fake it till you make it” is an inappropriate attitude in Cube jobs applications. 2. Work on your professional profile on Cube. In SETTINGS, you can add a resume, […]

Updating our app: What’s your favorite thrift store or flea market?

Hey Cube! We are adding a bunch of new vendors and resources to our app and directory We populate ArtCubePedia with only members and resources recommended by The Cube to keep it vetted and Cube-approved. What’s your favorite thrift store(s) and/or flea market for hunting down those special finds? REPLY to POST please!

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