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May 22, 2023 04:58

ISO Space for a Pop-Up Event (Will Rent, )

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Hi Cube! I am looking for a good space, ideally on street level so people can walk in, for a clothing pop-up event this August. The main vendor is a non-profit crochet company. All of the money goes directly to the craftswomen who crochet the garments in Lebanon. That being said, we really don't want to go too far out of pocket on a space rental. Ideally looking for something in the $500-$750 range with foot traffic in North Brooklyn area. Flexible on location for a great price though! Any advice in finding something or suggestions of spaces is welcome!


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  1. Hi Rebecca, don’t know if you have any interest, but the 2nd Sat of every month Jersey City has a flea market that might be a great fit. It’s called Pacific Flea. I have someone’s contact there if you want to chat with him about details. Their website has a lot of info too….Good luck!

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  2. Check out Principles in Brooklyn (Gowanus) —- the owner is an amazing woman who has pay what you can coffee options and truly cares about building community and bridging gaps of access.

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