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Jan 12, 2023 10:28
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LOTS. But our mission and core values will never change.  

Over time, ArtCube 4.0 will collaboratively connect the industry “dots” to efficiently better match
 verified wraps-to-preps, crews-to-keys, and haves-to-needs. 


  • ArtCube Nation’s posts and profiles are now searchable on the web.
    • Private information has been pixelated
    • Share your phone number and emails privately.
  • You do not have to join a city to view the news feed or publish a post there.
    • The only cities you should belong to are where you work as a local.
  • Completing your profile is crucial.
    • TAGS you choose in areas like Job Description, Tools, Skills, Licenses, and Equipment trigger the search results.



Less effort. More information.

  • Your Primary City is auto-filled as a destination.
  • You can post in ANY Cube City without joining it.

Easy-select fields promote results. 

  • Succinct, complete information.
  • Actionable solutions.
  • Lower moderated post rates.
  • Searchable results for future reference.

Transparency, Trends, and Time Savers

  • Close Post option
    • Greys post on the News Feed.
    • The post owner desires no further replies
  • Apply Now option sends your PROFILE as a CV instantly.
    • Apply from Emails
    • Apply from Feed
  • Union Status
    • Permit Option for Union Jobs
  • Position Clarity
    • Project Type
    • Primary Job Description  
  • Rate Options
    • Salary Option
    • Negotiable Rate indicator
    • Kit Rental indicator

Streamlined Sourcing and Search Results

  • ArtCube Market (Stuff)  is now its own FEED.
  • Buyers can browse of available bargains, free items, and set sales in one place.
  • Qualifiers auto-fill in the subject line
    • FF For Free
    • FS For Sale
    • ISO In search of 
    • SET SALE Asset liquidations with finer details  like era, asset categories, and construction materials.

The Market Feed draws a shorter line between sellers and buyers, 

  • We want to connect local vendors to project purchasing.
    • Keeps the local economy energized and stable.
    • Cuts down on shipping emissions.
    • Generated a local tax base.
    • Encourages entrepreneurship 
  • We want to connect Wraps to Preps 
    • BoostS physical production waste diversion rates 
    • Saves or recoups production budgets 
    • Forges a micro-circular economy with huge spending power.

Sellers can engage with an opted-in, ready-to-go, and engaged audience.

What you need, where you need it

  • Your Primary City is auto-filled.
  • You can post to ANY Cube City without joining it.
  • Space Type fields trigger accompanying Space Amenities fields with multiple select options.

Helping you help The Cube help you.

  • Your Primary City is auto-filled.
  • You can post to ANY Cube City without joining it.
  • URGENT option
    • Adds URGENT to post Subject
    • No one can opt out of URGENT posts
      • You can’t opt out of helping a Cuber in a jam.
  • Description Field
    •  Explain what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Details Field
    • Explain what you have already researched or tried.

The topics and answers may be added to our "Tricks of the Trade" blog.

Cubers do cool things - support your talented peers and have a social life!

Post your exhibitions, band gigs, open houses or anything you want to invite your peers to attend. You’ll find all the details for our own Art DeParties here!

  • Your Primary City is auto-filled.
  • Event Title, Time, Date, Location, RSVP link

All suitable events you submit will be added to our Events Calendar.

If you are Promoting your availability, it's fine to do so here, the fields are not required!


  • Your Primary City is auto-filled.

That’s all.  What has not changed is that someone will ask for an accountant recommendation in every February and/or March. 



Centralizes The Cube that is unique to you.

      • EDIT your profile directly on the page.
      • ADD CITIES now the only places where you work as a local.
      • Manage all of all your posts, Edit, Active and Closed.
      • Mark the post as closed to signal that it is outdated and that further replies are no longer desired. 
  • MY TEAM (Business members only)
    • Invite team members via email to join the Cube and
    • Remove team members



Get discovered for your unique skillset, kit items, and specialties.

New Freelancer Profile Features:

  • Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Job Descriptions.
  • Skills, Tools, and Licenses to filter the right jobs for the right people searching on The Cube or on the web.
  • Add Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Cities are ONLY where you work as a local.
  • Edit the Profile on the Profile
  • Pronouns, TickTok

New Business Profile Features:

  • Searchable by Cities Served, Equipment, and Specialties to filter the right clients for the right vendors searching on The Cube or on the web.
  • One-click phone calls, messages, and directions to your location.
  • "Cities Served" expands the reach to potential new clients. 
  • Edit the Profile on the Profile
  •  TikTok


New Rule!

Now you can tag a user in a comment via their user name.  Revolutionary!

  • The Cuber you tag will be notified.
  • Even if the Post is Closed, the comments remain open and searchable for future reads.

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