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What’s new in ArtCube Nation 4.0

Jan 12, 2023 10:28
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What's new in ArtCube 4.0? Graphic.

LOTS. But our mission and core values will never change.  

Over time, ArtCube 4.0 will collaboratively connect the industry “dots” to efficiently better match
 verified wraps-to-preps, crews-to-keys, and haves-to-needs. 


  • ArtCube Nation’s posts and profiles are now searchable on the web.
    • Private information has been pixelated
    • Share your phone number and emails privately.
  • You do not have to join a city to view the news feed or publish a post there.
    • The only cities you should belong to are where you work as a local.
  • Completing your profile is crucial.
    • TAGS you choose in areas like Job Description, Tools, Skills, Licenses, and Equipment trigger the search results.

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What’s new in ArtCube Nation 4.0

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