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Waiting for the New Normal:  When Will Film Production Pick Up?

The film and TV industry is too slow for comfort in its return to its pre-pandemic bustle, leaving nearly all stakeholde...

May 02, 2024 06:33
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SXSW Film Festival 2024

Art Cubers showcase their talents at SXSW 2024 with We Strangers, We're All Gonna Die, Make Me A Pizza, and Ghostlight. ...

Mar 01, 2024 10:31
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New York Film Tax Credit Extended

As the film industry faces challenges, Governor Kathy Hochel is extending a welcoming hand with financial incentives fo...

Oct 25, 2023 07:41
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MOME Provides Listings of Agencies, Programs and Assistance to Vendors affected by WGA Strike

As promised at our Listening Session, here is an email providing is a list of the agency websites and program names from...

Oct 02, 2023 04:35
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The Economic Impact on Film and TV Vendors Listening Session.

NYC’s core filmmaking infrastructure is in a downward spiral. It is paralyzing to process that the vendors going down ...

Sep 29, 2023 03:26
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What does the WGA Strike Mean for Art Department?

We MUST supportthe writers, because like Vanity Fair so cheekily explained, they’re like the front line foot soldiers ...

May 26, 2023 10:55
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Cleared Art, Product Placement, Greeking + Intellectual Property

In film and television, Art Department crew, those whose job partly entails sourcing set dressing and props, arranging p...

Apr 22, 2021 02:37
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