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ISO – 2 people for install/strike

We have a small set piece to drop off/install at SEPHORA, 7966 Tysons Corner Center Space# D7U, McLean, VA 22102. 6am-8am install on Saturday the 27th. Strike is 7-9pm on the 28th. Our truck will be meeting you on site. It will two pieces that just pop together. Screw gun w/ a few 2″ screws […]

Strike help needed in DC

We are looking for an extra person or two to help our install crew strike a pop up in DC on Monday morning. The job will involve helping tear down and load the set into the truck. The set is not being archived so it will be a demolition style take down of SEG backdrops, […]

Recreate historic civil rights documents

A civil rights organization in DC is having their 60th anniversary celebration and would like to display some of  their historical documents in their original condition. I really want to help them out but I’m not sure we have the time to do it all. We might be able to handle the printing and display […]

Short film

Hello I’m gearing up to a short film and we have about 7 photos that we need someone to edit. This is for picture frames that will fill a family’s home so we need someone to edit people into and out of some photos.  Please reach out if you are capable of this!

ISO Ball Pit Balls

Need an insane amount of ball pit balls for a show I’m working on – anyone know of a place that somehow has like 5,000 or more of them lyin around?  Thanks!  Shelby 

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