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Shop Cat Ricola

Jul 14, 2023 03:07

Urgent Strike help needed in DC

New York CityWashington D.C. Advice

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Wx xxx xxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxx xx xxxx xxxxxx x xxx xx xx DC xx Mxxxxx xxxxxxx. Txx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx.Pxx xx 40$ xxx xxxx.Ix xxxxxx xx NYC xxxxx xxxxxx xx DC xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxx.TxxxxxSxxx Cxx

One Response

  1. Hey Shop Cat,

    This is best posted as a JOB.


    -Because people OPT OUT of ADVICE

    -The details of the JOB – rate, kit, etc+ other information are important for you r sanity so there are less back and forth emails

    -Applicants have the full picture

    -The rate gets recorded for metrics. We like watch them rise (and not fall with any luck!)


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