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Joseph Castillon

Aug 10, 2020 07:59

Experienced Artist with 6+ years drawing Storyboards & 2D Animation available for hire!

Los Angeles Intro

Intro Details

My job as an artist is to be a storyteller, it is my responsibility to help sell your vision. Living in Los Angeles means I have the advantage of working side-by-side with Producers & Directors on big budget commercials that air to the consumer market. I take ownership of a project while aiming to go above and beyond expectations.

Being a freelancer means I must invest in myself and own an industry standard; Wacom Cintiq digital tablet to draw and animate designs. With access to The Adobe Creative Suite and animation programs like Clip Studio Paint, I have the ability to reduce the number of creatives you would hire for a project down to one. My main specialties as an artist include:

– Storyboards for a commercial/animation

– Whimsical Character Designs for logos

– 2D Hand Drawn Animation for Facebook & Instagram posts

– Sketch Artist for brainstorming ideas over Zoom meetings

– Comic Illustrator for print and/or web publication

– Caricatures for a company website or as a gift to family/friends

If you’re interested in my work, feel free to reach out and we can discuss your next big project.

Thank you!


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