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MirrorNYC Ali Macadoodle

Aug 28, 2023 06:20

Faux Concrete Blocks

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Hi ArtCube!

My company Mirror NYC is building a display in Soho for a popup and looking for a way to achieve this look for affordability and lighter than using the real thing.

We just got a quote for solid concrete but because the building is 2 floors I would be open to hearing tips to prevent my team from carrying these down + up flights of stairs.

Item Needed: Cement Bricks

Desired Size of Solid Blocks: 8x8x16

Material: Concrete (or very realistic faux concrete)

Note: It's important we get the appearance of solid cement blocks/not 50% or 75%

Qty: 257 Bricks *May reduce this qty depending on size of bricks we can get.

Delivery Date: 9.7.23 @ 12pm

Location: Soho

Please respond if interested and quote cost of bricks + delivery.

Possible to also quote removal, tbc!







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  1. Hi Amanda, scenic here ~ there’s not really an affordable option for convincing faux cement bricks if you’re doing them individually, the real deal will be way cheaper. Faux brick wall panels would be the most cost efficient, depending if they are usable given the shape of what you’re making. You’d probably want a scenic to then come in and do a treatment on the whole set once assembled. Hope that helps!

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