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Jillian Crochet

Aug 27, 2023 02:24

Fexible foam coating question

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I am an artist experimenting with carving a seating area out of polyurethane foam (upholstery foam) and I am looking to coat it sort of like a stress ball plastic or rubber like coating.Needs to be soft, durable, thick, flexible/squishy. It's a large surface area, 14' x 8', and I can test, but I don't have time for durability over time testing.So I need some tips please!What product would be best? Do you think liquid rubber will work?

Would a primer help? if so what kind? When I tried plasti- dip it soaked in a bunch… and didn’t seem cost effective. It's off gassing was also noxious for weeks.


I've also tried ure-coat, but I am looking for tips for a base coat? It also soaks in a lot. I tried spray glue 2 coats but still soaking in. And the little pills of foam get hard and feel sharp. (I asked smooth-on...they just advised 2 coats... which is quite costly...and time consuming)Any ideas/tips?

Thank you!


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