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Jun 13, 2021 09:13

Free 2x4s, Fake Snow & Plastic Sheeting

New York City Legacy

Legacy Details

FREE leftover supplies.

PICK UP in Manhattan (14th & Ave B)

OR DM me to discuss a possible drop off tomorrow (Monday)

The 2’x4’s are 10′ long

The box of snow is the SnoBiz brand (see description below). I only used a few ounces of it.

The Plastic Sheeting is open but I only used up a few feet of it.

Please take this great barely used supplies off my hands!

“SnoBiz® is the ONLY artificial snowflakes that have been tested and proven to be 100% environmentally safe! Perfect for falling snow, ground cover, and set dressing. This product melts away with water, so it can be used outside and simply washed away. All glycerides have been removed, making it safe in streams and lakes. Toxicological test have been done for safety.

10 cubic feet of biodegradable snow (120 square feet X 1 inch thick)

Box Size: 31 x 15 x 16 inches

Box Weight: 6.7 lbs”

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