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Julianne Irene

Oct 03, 2020 03:17

Free aquaponics system w/ turtle tank

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Hi there, 

looking to rehouse an aquaponic system with turtle tank. Comes fully loaded with lighting, plants, heater, everything you need! This was a custom design and unique set up by experimental environmental artists.

The turtle is an 8 y/o red ear slider, rescued from downtown Bk. The fish are super happy, keep breeding. Everything is very self sufficient and low energy by design. Does not require cleaning or maintenance.

The aquaponic system makes growing plants super easy. We’ve grown house plants, herbs, arugula with ease!

Tank is roughly 6.5’x 38”

Bed is 30”x48” and needs to be raised slightly above tank for energy efficient filtration.

must p/u. I can assist with breakdown but a handy person will be useful. Please bring tool kit and an extra set of hands for transport.


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