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Feb 12, 2018 10:26

FREE Carpet Foam and Astroturf, Chair and pop-a shot for SALE

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Hx Cxxx, Wx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxx xxxx x xxx xx xxxxx! FOAM: Mxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx. Txxxx xxx 12 8" xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx. xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xx 3" xxxxxxxxx. Axx 2 4'x8' xxxxxx 6" xxxxxxxxx, xxxxx xxx! Exxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xx xxxxx. CARPET: 12'x22' xxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx Cxxxxx Txxx. xxxxx xxx. ASTROTURF: I xxxxx xxx xxxxx ~ 12'x22' 4x4x 8' xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx. Fxx Sxxx: xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx, xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx $500. Pxx-x-xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx $100. Pxxxxxxx xxxxx. Pxxx xx xx Txxxx Sxxxxx ASAP Txxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx! Axxxx
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