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Shannon Finnerty

Feb 14, 2018 04:36

FREE! The Americans needs to unload desks, file cabinets, cafeteria tables and benches, vintage metal cabinets BY FRIDAY

New York City Legacy

Legacy Details

Hi Cubers, The Americans is clearing out some stock because another period show is taking over the warehouse. We are giving away desks, file cabinets, metal kitchen cabinets, traditional furniture and more... It is a bit chaotic because not everything is up for grabs and our leadman gets a little hostile if saving these things takes any time away from other things, so please just come by the warehouse between 7am-4pm between now and Friday with a truck or vehicle for the taking... The warehouse is closed for lunch from 12-1. Mike is the set dresser at the warehouse if you arrive and are unsure of what is available. His number is *Join to View*. Please do not call and ask for a run down of what is available. Come and take for free and call him if you are unclear as to what is free because since we are in the process of transferring. Not all things that may be out on the sidewalk are for the taking as we're still shooting. Thanks so much and come and save what you can or these items go in the dumpster on Friday. More pics to come as they sort

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